Gone too far…?

The Donor Show 

OK, everybody who thinks the Reality TV thing is just an excuse for bad TV raise your hands!

Well, a new Dutch TV show debuted on Friday, called “The Big Donor Show“… which features three people who need a kidney transplant and a Woman willing to donate one. They’ll spend the show with her talking to the contestants, and the audience will decide which one will get one of her kidneys. Can “Transplanting with the Stars” be far behind?

Anyway, in the “spirit of giving” I’ve come up with my list of 5 possible names for Reality TV shows with human body parts as the prize:

5. “Two and a Half Lungs”

4. “The Kidney Whisperer”

3. “Whose liver is it anyway?”

2.”Heart to Heart”

…and the number one Reality TV show name where human body parts are the prize…

1. “Spleen Acres”


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