CNN Deletes Ron Paul Comments

I don’t usually like to get too political, OK…well, not too political but here’s the thing: South of the border in the United States they’re getting ready for a new presidential election in 2008…each party is busily selecting their candidate for the official race next year. Ron Paul is one of the Republicain candidates, he’s a Doctor from Texas.

Ron Paul is a Republican in the ‘real’ sense not in the Neo-Conservative sense of the term. He’s a Republican like Abraham Lincoln was a Republican (full disclosure: one of my ancestors was Lincoln’s Secretary of State). He doesn’t believe American’s should be putting their noses (or soldiers) into other country’s business. But most of all he’s against the Patriot Act which is in direct contradiciton to the Constitution. The bad thing is that he’s the only one…and the U.S. media doesn’t seem to be interested in his politics.

Now zoom forward to the last Republican candidate’s debate where Ron Paul did very well, in getting his message accross and contrasting himself against the other candidates. When asked who won the debate, it was a hands down victory for Ron Paul

What happened next is something ‘Orwelian’ for the lack of a better word, all of the comments were pulled offline! Leave it to your imagination as to why…

Here’s a copy of the comments before they were deleted

Read what this blogger wrote: CNN Learns From ABC’s Censorship and Deletes All Ron Paul Comments « Houston 9|11 Truth

The good news is that they haven’t been able to totally censor this wave of support for Ron Paul, look at this.

Is it a conspiracy or just a webmaster error….time will tell I guess…


5 Responses to CNN Deletes Ron Paul Comments

  1. Mitch says:

    That’s so weird! And I just discovered this movie called “OUT FOXED” this is the link for the trailer:

    You can watch the whole movie here:

    Maybe next they’ll have to OUT CNN…

  2. […] CNN Deletes Ron Paul Comments […]

  3. In reference to this incident, Eric Phillips at had a good twist on the famous Ghandi quote:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then they realize that ignoring you worked best so they go back to that.”

  4. Chuck says:

    If CNN thinks they can get away with this they are more than dead wrong. Once a movement has hit the net, they have no control. My thoughts are that someone who didn’t have this understanding stepped in, this will only grow Paul’s support to a wider degree in the coming weeks. Well done CNN!

  5. PAFreedom says:

    Good article on Paul, however, the Lincoln connection is very incorrect. Lincoln would indeed be the type of politican to promote the Patriot Act, though it is unconstitutional.

    Lincoln arrested people without trial, shut down printing presses that did not support him, and lead a war against his own people in order to perserve the Union: Strong Central Government that has lead to today’s events where our leaders no longer follow their oath of office.

    State’s Rights was a strong check and balance against the federal government.

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