Eat your way to a better mood

Woman in a great mood 

Popular wisdom seems to say that a lot of eating disorders stem from a poor emotional state. Well, I’ve discovered some great tips where food can be benificial to your emotional state!

If you’re feeling frustrated and tense: Eat celery and carrots. We actually hold a lot of tension in our jaws. And tension in the jaw shuts down the part of your brain associated with thinking clearly and strategically. So, the next time your blood starts to boil, grab raw veggies or rice cakes. Even sugar free chewing gum can help. Because chewing also slows your breathing.

If you’re feeling sad: Eat avocados and oranges. Studies show that these fruits are high in folic acid ­ which releases “feel-good” brain chemicals that soothe and calm you. So, the next time you’re feeling blue, grab some guacamole or peel an orange.

If you’re feeling anxious: You may instinctually go for the mac and cheese. And that’s the right thing to do. Carbohydrates help release serotonin, a brain chemical that boosts your mood and helps you relax. And studies show you’ll feel calmer after eating starchy foods like breads and pasta.

If you’re angry, eat salmon. We’ve talked about how omega-3 fatty acids from seafood can help prevent heart disease. But studies show that they can also ease hostility. Why? Omega-3’s help the feel-good chemical dopamine move around more easily in your brain, boosting your mood.

If you’re tired: Order some chili con carne! Sweet snacks like cookies and chocolate might give you a quick energy boost, but that’ll just cause a sugar spike, and you’ll crash faster than an overloaded computer. Instead, eat iron-rich foods like beans and beef. The iron carries oxygen to your whole body, which energizes you and combats fatigue all day long.


One Response to Eat your way to a better mood

  1. Maria says:

    David, these are fantastic tips! Friends of mine (not me of course) usually turn to ice cream and cookies for relief from the stresses of life.

    I’m going to put your list up on my fridge tonight!

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