UFO Big Basin, California 

I love this kind of stuff, it’s as scary as it is weird.

Last week, this photography student was at the Big Basin state park in California taking some pictures for an assignment and got a lot more than he was expecting.

okay, where to begin — yesterday I was up around big basin for my assignment like I’ve been mentioning for the last couple weeks — the theme for those that don’t remember was photographing something at a small scale against a large scale backdrop to contrast scales and to play with depth of field etc — I chose to photograph a couple of flower/weed things growing right on the edge of a drop off with the valley in the background — I’m still using the rebel xt I bought off mark which is slr so I’m looking at everything through a viewfinder when I notice something _appear_ in the distance, like just pop out of nowhere —

I look up and there is this _huge_ who-knows-what-the-xxx _floating_ in the distance and rotating very slowly and jerkily (is that a word lol) — almost by reflex I take another shot which is focused in on it this time and go to stand up but practically fall over because I cant even think straight —

I was able to get one more shot which came out kind of blurred and then the thing _vanished_ — like, as in, now you see it now you don’t

I’ve included the three photographs in sequence that this guy took. You can read the whole story here.  Admitedly, if this is real, I have never seen a UFO quite like this so I have to wonder if it is a hoax, what do you think? I’ve included the full resolution version of picture 2 here so you can get a closer look before you decide.

UFO Big Basin

UFO Big Basin

UFO Big Basin


11 Responses to Scary…weird

  1. Mitch says:

    Looks like a lamp my parents used to have in their dining room…if it’s real I think I would have ran to hide personally…

  2. matt says:

    i saw something a bit like this in 95 in the UK – at night though. It was lit up with all kinds of rotating neon lights on it. What really sticks out in my mind is all the weird looking spiky antenna things protuding from it, at night they had twinkly little lights on too. i remember thinking at th time what the *** is this advanced machine doing with weird looking aerials on it. not the usual flying saucer. peace.

  3. John says:

    David you’ve got to see this:

    Those pics aren’t real…sorry…


  4. debbie says:

    I cannot understand how such an object can saunter into our air space and not cause some sort of well..chaos amoung us folks.. let me tell you , If i were to spot that in my field of vision , i’d have one hand holding the phone to NASA and the other to CNN ( hey if Paris can weasel an interview due to her errors, why not me?) anyway… obviously… this…thing is not real and just a hoax. Please…

  5. Robert says:

    The as well as the sites have an informative piece on these sitings. There have been sghtings before the time of Christ. There are hundreds of thousands of accountable sightings that have been reported to the authorities and even by the authorities. The Disclosure Project was put together a few years back in which ex-pentagon officials, air traffic control personel, pilots, astronauts, police, and high brass from every branch of the military came foward with the help of Richard Greer and gave their testimony of what they had seen as far as ufos. Even as far as there have been cataloged over 12 different species of ET that have been in contact with earth for some time now.
    As far as these sightings go it seems too good to be true, but don’t be s quick to dismiss or deny it proper obsevation. Remember, not to long ago people were murdered for stating that the earth was round instead of flat.

    Free your mind

  6. Jake Myers says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Here is a website that was created anonymously by a retired computer tech student who did some work with this technology back in the 80s — . There have been many sightings of this craft, and others like it, over the past month or so; almost all of them in the same area. It isn’t known whether the crafts are actually in use by extra-terrestrials or humans (i.e. government and/or researchers), but most likely, the latter. Either way, the technology used by these crafts is absolutely not from this planet. The website above contains a well-written, logical, in-depth account of “isaac’s” work with the technology, along with many pictures, documents, and diagrams confirming his testimony. This really is BIG BIG news — check it out and spread the word.

  7. Roswell Information

    Roswell Information continues after 60 years

  8. R. J. says:

    Stupid UFO had to go ruin a very beautiful picture…
    I had to say it…

  9. […] ‘Weak’ Theory I was going through some of my other posts and came to a post  called Scary…Weird, a blog about a UFO spotted in Big Basin, California last summer that has been getting a lot of […]

  10. JtheP says:

    You know….this is the type of thing the government holds close to a limited number of hearts and will probably reveal that we are not alone when a planetary crisis is looming so as to divert attention from an eminant disaster such as a war or some other issue.

  11. JtheP says:

    Have you noticed that since Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” broadcast saying that the Martians had landed and freaked the world out, that it was obvious we werent ready for the notion that aliens existed. Little by little, with shows like “My Favorite Martian” and “E.T.” and “Close Encounters” we are being handed the possibility of E.T.’s existance to limit our reaction and making that concept a reality in the future….

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