Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction 

“I can’t get no…” as the Rolling Stones song goes. But if you’re looking for a job that brings satisfaction and happiness, then you should probabaly consider a profession where you can serve others, say researchers from the University of Chicago. The most satisfying jobs are professions that involve caring for, teaching and protecting others, as well as creative pursuits. Here are the top ten most satisfying jobs:

  • Clergy, 87%
  • Firefighters, 80%
  • Physical therapists, 78%
  • Authors, 74%
  • Special education teachers, 70%
  • Teachers, 69%
  • Education administrators, 68%
  • Painters and sculptors, 67%
  • Psychologists, 67%
  • Security and financial services salespersons, 65%

The least satisfying jobs are:

  • Laborers, except construction, 21%
  • Apparel clothing salespersons, 24%
  • Handpackers and packagers, 24%
  • Food preparers, 24%
  • Roofers, 25%
  • Cashiers, 25%
  • Furniture and home-furnishing salespersons, 25%
  • Bartenders, 26%
  • Freight, stock and material handlers, 26%
  • Waiters and servers, 27%

…and – no – “being Mick Jagger” isn’t listed, I mean honestly, where do you apply for a job like that?!


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