Age of Love

Mark Phillippoussis 

Did you catch Age of Love last night on the TV? An interesting new dating/reality show…Is love blind? Does age matter? Can love really last? Are all of the questions it raises. Elle magazine is calling it “this summers guiltiest pleasure”.

Synopsis: A 30 year old former tennis star (Mark Phillippoussis) contemplates dating older Women in their late 30’s and 40’s, before he’s tempted by a group of younger contestants all in their 20’s.

Personally, age has never been an issue for me. I dated only 2 Women who were younger than me, one of whom I married. The rest of the Women I dated were older than me, one 10 years older. I don’t see Marks delema as an older/younger issue but of having to choose between 13 very smart, beautiful Women. What do you think? Does age matter? Should age matter?

It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen”. –Brigitte Bardot

As I was watching last night it reminded me of the time when I was at the casino, there was a Woman who was next to me at the roulette table and losing terribly. When she was down to her last 10 dollars, she asked me for a good number. “Why don’t you play your age?” I suggested. The Woman agreed, and then put her money on the table. The next thing I knew, the Woman had fainted, falling from her chair to the floor. I ran over to see if she was OK and asked, “Did she win?” “No”, the attendant told me. “She put 10 dollars on 33 and 46 came in.”


2 Responses to Age of Love

  1. Mary says:

    We’d all like to believe that age doesn’t matter, David even you said you dated older women but chose someone younger to marry…

    Unfortunately, age does matter…that’s my 2 cents.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Age should not matter but the reality is, is that it does…it’s a social thing…maybe a biological thing I don’t know.

    If you think about it women tend to live longer than men so it just makes sense that a woman should be partnered with a younger man, no??

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