We Are the Martians

We Are the Martians 

Just back from a week off (good to be back), the thing that happens the most when I have freetime is that I get into trouble…no, not the Paris Hilton kind of trouble, the kind of trouble that forces me to re-think everything that I believe to be true. So here we go, hold on to your hats, you may actually want to sit down for this one:

We are the Martians.

Evidence is mounting that we as a people, used to live on Mars and at one point or another with the aid of technologically advanced people or on our own power packed up and moved to this planet. Maybe we destroyed that planet through polution or whatever and needed to move.

Think of the opening scenes of “Superman: The Movie” where Krypton is exploding and Super Pop Marlon Brando puts his son in a spaceship to Earth. Or Battlestar Galactica maybe even that short lived TV show Earth 2 or if you prefer look to the Bible/Torah and the story of Noah’s Arc.

The idea has been a part of our vernacular for a long time, so is it so far fetched an idea? Watch this:


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