The United States of ‘Amnesia’

Over the last 20 years on the radio in Montreal and out of all of the criticisms (and occasional praises) that I’ve received I think that I’m most often chastised for talking about U.S. politics…and in recent years, specifically about the George W. Bush Whitehouse. As an American who’s been living in Canada for over 30 years I think I have attained a certain perspective that most other American’s don’t have. Considering what America is in the geopolitical sense, I think it is in the interest of every citizen of the world to say what they think.

That said, something was brought up by fellow blogger Grumpy Lion regarding the republican race for the White House, specifically regarding Rudi Guliani. I like Rudi honestly I do (I played a disgruntled police officer in the movie ‘Rudi’ shot here in Montreal a couple of years back) but what exactly did he do on 9/11 to earn the right to use that tragedy to his benefit at this point in his political career?

According to New York firefighters, nothing.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of the Republican candidates have a chance in hell to win the White House in ’08, they lost that game of rock, paper, scissors held last year at Bohemian Grove….a Democrate will win.

I invite you to watch this short documentary made by the International Association of Firefighters…

* if the above doesn’t work cut and paste the URL below to watch


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