Have You Lost Your Mojo?

 Woman's Health Magazine

If your libido is limp, you’re not alone. According to a study, a Woman’s mojo nosedives the longer she’s in a relationship, while a Man’s remains constant. The researchers asked 573 people about their sexual appetites and found that a Woman’s desire declined after the first year.

Blame evolution: Men crave frequent sex to ensure offspring are theirs, while Women want sex often in the beginning to create a bond, but feel less motivated once they’re secure, says lead study author Dietrich Klusmann, Ph.D.

Here’s the catch: Women’s desire did not plummet among couples who lived separately!

Shacked up? They suggest, “creating an atmosphere that resembles an encounter with a stranger, a sense of novelty.”  Sounds like sleeping on the couch is a good thing now!


12 Responses to Have You Lost Your Mojo?

  1. Sharon says:

    Guess I’m one of the exceptions…lmao

  2. David Tyler says:

    Oh yes, there are exceptions to EVERY rule!! :0)

  3. Sharon says:

    That’s great….EXCEPT my mojo is starting to fizzle out for lack of use shall we say….ALAS WOE IS ME!!!

  4. Sharon says:

    BTW…can a MOJO become extinct…or go rusty??? lol

  5. David Tyler says:

    …good question, let’s ask the jury…What do you think? Leave your comment below and click ‘Submit Comment’.

  6. David Tyler says:

    Off the blah, blah, blog someone asked me what if your hhusband losses his mojo? I found this:


  7. Cinsie says:

    Don’t let it fizzle out, be creative 😉 there are stores that can help you with that sort of thing and on-line stores if you need to be discreet. (supposedly they deliver your order in a brown paper bag, saves from embarrassment)

    // Cinsie

  8. Flash says:

    You could try finding your mojo in places like church, assorted bars, houses of adult entertainment…most politician’s offices…

    there are tons around..steal someone else’s mojo…but be prepared for possible court action.

    I dont think you could lose it ..sort of sleeping beauty syndrome ..or the old standby..like riding a bike …

  9. Sharon says:

    Hey Flash,
    Guess I need to get a new set of wheels then….lol

  10. Sharon says:

    Good on ya David for posting the husband thing……lol…
    Hard to believe….thought men thought about it every so many seconds…guess thinking about it isn’t the same as putting it into ‘action’ when you get home to the wife….

  11. David Tyler says:

    To add a serious note to this post…there are some medical/biological reasons you may lost your mojo, too. I’d also recommend going to see your doctor…he/she may be albe to help you re-locate your mojo! :0)

  12. Sharon says:

    Well my mojo is fine…..very lonely but fine…….kinda sad really…;(

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