Are You Hot?

Hot Heat 

A Men’s Health poll asked women: “What clothing makes you feel hottest?” Here’s what they found:

  • 25% said tight jeans
  • 19% said short skirt
  • 16% said tight sweater
  • 14% said swimsuit
  • 12% said workout clothes
  • 11% said plunging neckline
  • 3% said evening gown
  • Question of the week: What clothing makes you feel the hottest? Type your comment below and hit submit! You are welcome to use an alias or ‘anonymous’ as your name… :0)


    24 Responses to Are You Hot?

    1. Bunny says:

      Tight jeans and a halter top (strapless shirt)

    2. Ellen says:

      All of the above. If I feel good about myself then anything makes me feel hot.

    3. Sharon says:

      It’s not always about what you’re wearing…but I agree with Ellen….if you’re feeling good about yourself you could be wearing anything (or nothing…)….
      And it’s sometimes the company you’re in as well….sometimes someone can make you feel ‘hot’

    4. Carla says:

      Like Sharon said, it’s not what you’re wearing that is the most important. You have to be comfortable within yourself first, whatever your size. For me, I feel more sexy when I wear a dress. With my curves when I wear jeans or pants, it’s just too much 🙂

    5. Sam says:

      Definitely a pair of sexy jeans….with a fitted sweater….but what’s very important….is of course a pair of sexy pumps!! It’s alll about the heels!

    6. David Tyler says:

      Hey I like that idea Sharon…”sometimes SOMEONE can make you feel hot”…great point and I agree!

    7. Monaliza says:

      If you’re boyfriend or husband finds you a HOT mama! then no need to worry as to what you’re wearing or need to wear as long as you look HOT towards him. And that’s when you feel good about yourself. So it really DOESN”T matter…

    8. David Tyler says:

      WOW Carla…do you have to get a license for the curves??

    9. Terry says:

      If I feel good about myself, my positive self-image makes me feel good in about anything that I wear… I feel the sexiest in tight jeans, a cute littel top with a super duper stunning HOT stilettos! You need the stilettos with tight jeans. HOT! 🙂

    10. Ophilia says:

      We all have an urge, once in a while, to dress up or feel “hot”. According to Moi, the key in wearing what makes you feel hottest in, is to have a hot attitude; Thus you can wear whatever you want and always feel hot.

      A. If you want to dress up a certain way, do it for youself and nobody else.
      B. Don’t let other people’s judgment get in the way of what YOU want to wear.
      C. If wearing baggy pants makes you feel hot, then go for it, people pick up on confidence and is Hot!

    11. David Tyler says:

      I totally agree with you Ophilia…”Confidence is Hot”!

    12. Janet says:

      Definitely tight jeans!

    13. Alia says:

      I think the best way to look your HOTTEST is to dress according to your body type. How many times have I seen women TRYING to look sexy, by wearing clothes that are too tight, too short or too revealing. Our society says that showing more skin is better. I don’t agree. You can be dressed in a ski suit and still be sexy. Attitude and confidence are the key. Wear the clothes, but don’t let the clothes wear you!

    14. abarclay12 says:

      I like wearing my stiletto moutain climbing boots with my scuba suit. I made it kind of sexy though, so it’s hot for sure.

    15. Tania says:

      Some women are sexy and some are just not. You either have it or you don’t! You can’t DRESS sexy…your clothes won’t MAKE you sexy. Like Alia says, attitude and confidence are key.
      But personally, a woman always looks hot in tight jeans and stilettos!!

    16. Sharon says:

      Wonder what the men would say if they had taken that poll….what makes women hot…
      or themselves for that matter??? There’s another blog topic for you David!!!!

    17. David Tyler says:

      Alia, I am in total agreement…sometimes covering up is hot! :0)

    18. David Tyler says:

      @ abarclay12

      “stiletto moutain climbing boots” …sounds…interesting (?) got a picture…?

    19. David Tyler says:

      Thanks for the idea Sharon!

    20. Sharon says:

      Always glad to help David…..

    21. Tania says:

      it’s not WHAT you’re wearing, it’s HOW you wear it! Some women get confused between sexy and slutty.
      Personally i like the tight jeans and stilettos with a bit of clevage

    22. Saranwrap says:

      I tend to agree with most of these…

      1. Your partner can make you “feel” hot.
      2. Self-Confidance plays a manjor role.
      3. Tight jeans are my no. 1 choice.
      4. Stiilettos can be a great asset!
      5. and… I’ve been known to use my cleavage as a weapon!!!


    23. Sharon says:

      This is probably almost all blogged out…but what happened to sexy lingerie…
      Clothes might make the man….but it’s who and what is under the clothes that make the woman…!!!!

    24. Heather says:

      I am also a jeans and sweater person. At my age, anything that makes me feel sexy is good!

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