Where Were You

9/11 - World Trade Center

6 years ago today, I had just dropped my kids off at daycare and was settling back at my home office to start my workday. I turned the TV on to KTLA (they get the best interviews with stars in the morning…it’s LA of course). They broke into a story to go live to New York where a plane had ‘accidentaly’ hit one of the trade center towers. 2 minutes after they went to their New York feed the second plane hit. At that moment I knew everything was about to change.

It took hours to digest what was happening…I came out of my spell when I realized I had to go on the air that afternoon and talk about it…make some sense of it. It was a strange dark day indeed.

Like those people who lived through the Kennedy assassination(s) we all remember where we were when everything changed…so where were you?


13 Responses to Where Were You

  1. Bunny says:

    Home…. I had taken the day off from work and came downstairs as they were replaying the first plane crash into the tower and trying to figure out what happened and then watched it “live” as the second crashed into the 2nd tower…
    My phone didn’t stop ringing as we were trying to get in touch with family members who work near there. Luckily for us, no one we knew was affected by this terrible tragedy. My heart still goes out to those who were…….

  2. Linda says:

    I was at work, it was my last day, as I was going on mat leave. I felt so sick. I work in a travel agency and people were calling us freaking out. And to top it all off, I work downtown and there was a scare at the American Embassy. Thankfully they let me go home early. It was a devastating time, I’ll never forget.

  3. Nancy says:

    I was at work , and my colleague and I were preparing our Volunteer Appreciation Evening that night at the Queen E Hotel. We could not believe what was happening, there was worry and confusion as our office was located in Place Ville-Marie (was Montreal being targeted?). After discussions, we cancelled our celebration as no one felt they could celebrate after these terrible events. We called the Queen E to cancel and they were “happy” as they needed the rooms and the food for the flight passengers being rerouted to Montreal. The news weighed very heavy on everyone’s heart & mind … and still today.

  4. Joanne says:

    It was one month before my wedding and that morning I was getting ready to go order my wedding cake. My family and I heard on tv a plane had crashed into one of the towers. We then saw live the second plane hit the other tower. I was crying, so shocked, so upset not really understanding what was unfolding on the screen. I called the bakery to postpone my appointment to which the baker replied that he was waiting to find out if his relatives in New York were ok. I was glued to the tv for the next four days. My family from NY were fine and a few even came to our wedding, but I cannot begin to imagine the devastation that so many people, victims and their families went through. I will never forget that day.

  5. I was just waking up and turned on the TV to see the above picture. I thought it was a fire at first so I was casually watching until I started hearing the words that implied an attack or terrorism – can’t remember. Then the shock of a life time as I saw – I think it was live TV – the second plane crash! I dropped in my seat and froze. Was this a Hollywood made for TV movie? Seconds later I realized that this was real and horrific. We cried.. we cursed… we went to work and everyone gathered in one office watching the videos over and over… not easy to forget! My heart goes out to all those who lost family members or friends.

    May peace prevail.


  6. irishsof says:

    Hello David….hope you don’t mind me adding my note.

    I was also at work. I worked a major internet provider in Northern Virginia, right near Dulles Airport. We couldn’t even get CNN.com or any other news sites to open because of the traffic to them. I remember we all went down to the company gym two buildings over, because it was the only place on the campus with televisions. We arrived in time to watch the first tower collapse.

    My partner left late for work, and never bothered to listen to the news. He called me about 9:45 to say hello and had NO idea what was going on. He didn’t believe me until he got to work and the TV in his store was tuned to CNN.

    My father worked in downtown D.C., on the National Mall, and I also remember my mother calling me in a panic because she couldn’t get through to him. It was a scary time for us all.

    Our company sent us home early (as I imagine most did), and I sat for most of the day watching the non-stop news. I also remember falling asleep a lot and then not realizing until later how draining it was to process what we were all watching.

  7. tia says:

    I was in my high school parking lot, just getting out of the car & going in for an ASB (Associated Student Body) meeting. A couple of friends told me what happened as we were walking in. I don’t think we fully realized what was going on until classes started. All of our teachers cancelled class & turned on the radio, TV, or whatever else they had in their room; the whole class sat in silence, listening & not believing our ears.

  8. Ryan says:

    I was serving an LDS mission in Brazil. My companion and I were walking through a favela (ghetto) and some people asked where we were from. We told them, “The United States” and they asked, “Where they’re being attacked?” We thought, “Okay, what movie were they watching recently?” They said, “They’re being attacked in New York City. It’s on the news right now…come look.”

    We went into their house and saw footage of both airplanes hitting the World Trade Centers repeated over and over and over. We were in utter shock the rest of the day (and for days afterward).

  9. amtog says:

    I was with my wife who was pregnant with our first child in a major city of the Middle East where I worked in a very small segment of the country’s military. It was evening for us and we watched every image that CNN International had to show. While we never feared for our safety, we were concerned about what kind of fallout we would experience.

  10. Everything has changed from bitter to sweet.Maybe we are condemned by supreme power of the nature but we still have a good chance and time to rebuild our dream.

  11. I was sitting on a canal in the lower Colorado desert (near the CA/AZ/Mexico border), waiting for a work crew. My sister (a resident of NYC) hadn’t called me that morning and I was wondering why. I watched the sunrise and remarked outloud (though no one was around) how beautiful it was.

    It took nearly 8 hours for her to get through to make the call to let me know she was ok. She’s not a sentimental sort and she asked me if I’d noticed the people walking over the 59th street bridge, waving to the news helicopters… she was one of them, hoping I’d see her. It was the worst day and conversely, the best day of my life.

    Being out in the desert was surreal— so isolated out there. I wanted to get back East but couldn’t even get over the state border into NV at least 24 hours do to the security measures.

  12. Work.
    I was on graveyard (on the west side of the U.S.) when the janitor where I worked notified me of the attack. I stayed up for a while that morning watching the events transpire.

  13. Jacynthe L. Fetzer says:

    At work.

    We gathered in a conference room and watched the news on a small TV set. We were all very upset since one of our colleage’s cousin was in one of the towers and died.

    I will never forget this day!

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