In Town Without My Car

Traffic Jam 

This is the official take on this annual event in Montreal:

“In town without my car!” is an international event intended to educate citizens about the negative impact of cars on quality of life and on the environment. Since 2003, the participation of Montréalers has been increasing. On 22 September 2004, a sector in the downtown core as well as part of a neighbourhood that surrounds a shopping centre were closed to car traffic. People could participate in many activities and travel from one to another by alternative means of transportation. The event has positive results: widespread participation, less air and noise pollution and awareness of alternative methods of transportation.

Now it’s YOUR turn (to vent if you like), what do you think of the day? Don’t hold back….


2 Responses to In Town Without My Car

  1. Jacynthe L. Fetzer says:

    I do not have any problems with this since I am taking the nearest bus (Ormstown) that I can to come to work every day. Our busses have reclining sits and air conditioning (I am doing the sleeping and the guy in the front the driving). That’s the best way to go and from work!

  2. Belinda says:

    I don’t have a problem with this but do you really think that for one day, people don’t drive their cars and that there is less pollution? There are times that I take the car (learning to drive) and public transporation but when they say to take public transportation, they are not reliable, i.e. never on time, too full, price increase almost every year. The only thing that you depend on is your car. If they really want to decrease pollution, this should be done more than once a year for a couple of hours in different locations.

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