1,000,000 Words

Back from Iraq

Not even a million words could describe the feelings in this picture…(“Back from Iraq“)


5 Responses to 1,000,000 Words

  1. kimberly says:

    The photo captures what I can barely manage to grasp. Our friend is over in Iraq and I cannot imagine what her daily life is like. It must feel wonderful to hold your child again.

  2. Sharon says:

    Being a parent myself of a son who would be of age to serve, I can only imagine the emotions of having to leave them with the possibility of never seeing them again…..it was difficult just to let them go to their dad’s on visitation days…and even difficult now that both my children are at the age when they don’t need mom as much and are pretty well doing their own thing now….I just returned from being away from them for two weeks with minimal contact and it was difficult…I cannot begin to fathom the emotions of a parent going off to war…..this is a real lump in the throat, tears down the face pic….but I thank you for posting it David….and we should all be grateful for what our troops are doing for us overseas…no matter how we feel about the actual war (good, bad, indifferent…) these are all someone’s moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons daughters, aunts and uncles….and we should all hope for their safe return…

  3. inn33dfr33dom says:

    The you don’t understand emotions from being away from your loved ones especially your own child whom you gave birth from your own womb.

  4. meronia says:

    It’s marvelous. I can’t think I can hold feelings of missing the loved one from our side…

  5. justin says:

    Im active army myself. it kills me to see people treat soldiers with such disrespect because whats going on in iraq and stan. it is our job to go over there, once you join 6 months later your most likely to deploy end of story. u have no choice no matter how scared, how much you dont want to leave your family, your going, for 12 to 15 months. i didnt join to go and KILL poeple, i mean come on?! i joined for a better future and excitement im 22! i dont agree with the war but in the military if your told to do something. you do it no questions.

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