Untied for the Kids Radiothon

Radiothon - Lydia Woronchak with her HusbandRadiothon - Guillaume DufourRadiothon - Marisa Conte and daughter Julia

Doing the Radiothon for Ste-Justine’s Hospital is always a learning experience…to say the least. On top of the challenge of doing a radio show in a ‘live’ atmosphere with all of it’s distractions, trying to keep your timing on track and doing what you came there to do…you are meeting so many very brave people, brave children going through some very difficult medical treatments and all of the trials that go along with them.

I met Lydia Woronchak and her husband (above) who’s daughter Sabrina has had 3 open heart surgeries to deal with the effects of DiGeorge Syndrome and she’s just a year and a half old. I met Marisa Conte and her 2 year old Julia (above) who had surgery to remove a benighn vascular tumour (Hemangioma) from her left eye. There was Guillaume Dufour (above) a great 15 year old kid, we talked about playing video games I even challeneged him to a game next time he was in for Chemotherapy, from the age of 6 he’s been dealing with Rhabdomyosarcoma and he’s in the middle of a therapy that started this past March. Olivier Denis (below) was born in Haiti and adopted by a family here in Quebec, at 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with Sickle-Cell Anemia, through the hospital he was able to find a potentially compatible bone marrow donor…the test results will be in Tuesday (November 20th).

Radiothon - Olivier Denis

I’ll be honest with you, the Radiothon takes a lot out of me. I won’t give you the cliche line of realizing “…how lucky I am and how lucky my family is…” that’s obvious. The hardest thing is staying focused and professional, while ignoring or holding off my natural emotional instincts…until later on the way home in the car when they all coming rushing out at once in a deluge of faces, stories… I mean, what do you tell a Mother who looks you in the eyes and tells you her 2 year old daughter needs a new heart or she will die, would you mind telling your listeners to sign the back of their Medicare card for organ donation…???? What do you say? Tell me what to say and I’ll say it… You can’t think of anything to say either because there’s nothing to say. And that’s something very profound to comprehend, especially for someone who talks for a living.

Maybe next year we can call the radiothon ‘UN-TIED for the Kids’ because that’s exactly how I felt…driving home…alone…in the rainy dark.

You can still make your donation to the Ste-Justine’s Hospital Foundation here.

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One Response to Untied for the Kids Radiothon

  1. Josiane says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for sharing your experience of Ste-Justine ‘s Hospital with us.
    We are often moved to tears when we find out about sickness, especially among children. What do we say ?…….Taking chances…… Do not loose hope … miracles happen, HAVE FAITH. Keep thinking positively every prayer is answered. DO NOT
    ASK, WHEN? WHERE? HOW? JUST BELIEVE IN GOD. He will take care of your
    children. ASK YOU SHALL RECEIVE. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE …some one is watching over you…..in the rainy dark. L OOK OUT A BRIGHT SUN IS BREAKING THROUGH…… just for you… keep up the great work. YES next Year the Radiothon will be” UN-TIED FOR THE CHILDREN”……Do not WORRY… Once again THANKS…
    Love Always Josie

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