Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking up is hard to do and Glamour magazine did a web survey of more than 5000 women to learn about what goes on when a woman breaks up with a man. Here are the reasons women gave for breaking up:

  • Too many arguments and conflicts, 26%
  • No chemistry, 18%
  • Found a better guy,14%
  • He cheated, 11%.
  • He couldn’t commit, 11%
  • Not husband material, 9%
  • I wouldn’t commit, 8%
  • Lousy sex, 3%

So what reason’s have you given for breaking up with someone? And while we’re at it, why do women wait weeks, even months, before they break up with their boyfriends? If you know you don’t like the guy anymore, why extend the pain?


3 Responses to Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. Bunny says:

    Maybe the women wait, since only 3% break up for lousy sex, the rest are still enjoying it and don’t want to give it up just yet 😉

  2. David Tyler says:

    Good point…I hadn’t thought of that…

  3. Personally, I found my last relationship broke up because we “had too many arguments and conflicts” due to our “lack of chemistry” which led me to believe that he was “not husband material” which made me very “unwilling to commit.” But, now he’s engaged and I’m still enjoying singlehood. I must say I’m very glad we both didn’t keep cookin’ in the kitchen with broken pots. Ciao! -HonestChitChat

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