Facebook 1984

You know that you should always be careful about what and how much, personal information you share with anybody, especially online. I don’t need to tell you that, it’s a golden rule, right? Kinda like when your Mom used to tell you to put on a hat and mittens when you were going out to play in the snow.

Well, what we all may think of as simply a fun way of networking and reconnecting with old friends may have another George Orwellian (1984 the Movie) function…it’s quite possible that facebook is only a mask to hide a darker agenda. You be the judge, watch this and leave your comments:


7 Responses to Facebook 1984

  1. weetzie says:

    that’s only a LITTLE bit terrifying. it just sucks to think about how nothing we do, as human beings, in this day of the information age, goes under the radar. we can no longer trust anything, really. and that scares me. it’ll be interesting to see how things change in the near future. i mean, we already conform to so many things just to keep up with everyone else… i think civilian life as we know it is just going to become less and less private. already we have no idea who’s watching. and we don’t really care, we still open up and lay ourselves out on the internet like it’s going outta style. we divulge the most private information with no regard for where its going and what exterior purposes its serving. it’s a frightening world we live in.

  2. Cindy says:

    Believe it or not (I’m walkin on air…) the info on this video didn’t surprise me at all. The information facebook users are FREELY putting on there actually surprises me more.

    I never thought I’d see the day I would join the facebook forces…but after numerous invites I unfortunately crumbled… fully expecting it to be unsafe.
    Nothing can be this big without some money/control hungry mongrels getting their paws on it. To anyone who knows what he/she is doing, facebook is a goldmine. Imagine all the information you might ever want right at your fingertips…all of there waiting to be sold…to the right buyer that is. The government, employers and any madman on the street…anyone is a potential buyer.

    I personally am on facebook for entertainment purposes only. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with friends and reconnect with old ones. For all I know I’ve already put way too much info on my profile…and that hasn’t been too smart of me. The information we put out there is our personal responsibilty. We may be angry that someone is taking advantage of that info and that it’s getting into the wrong hands but we’re the doorknobs putting it out there (myself included).

    I am not saying that we live in a safe world and that it isn’t easy in this day and age to have your identity stolen but we don’t have to help it happen. We have to become a little more responsible with our own actions. Voluntarily sharing our personal information on the world wide web for anyone to have isn’t exactly helping keep us safe.

  3. kimish says:

    In some ways, I think of Facebook, as a place to gather with many of my friends and reconnect. I have also, in the past 5 months, found friends which I have not seen in over 25yrs. Yet, I have never thought of the amount of information on myself going “out there”. I would hope, in an ideal world, my information stay within the realms of Facebook.

    Although, I set my privacy settings, I never understood the terms and conditions of having a Facebook page… because of my naivete… I have never really read them.

    and when they say… “Things are too good to be true… ” Well maybe…

    …they are too good to be true…

    Makes me want to rethink how I use this social networking site….

  4. Marsha says:

    So, has anyone checked to see if this is really true, or if it’s propaganda?

    Yes, we are all responsible for protecting ourselves but are we willing to imprison ourselves in the name of caution. For me, the joy of being able to reconnect with old friends, get to know my new friends better and remember to say hello to my loved ones certainly outweighs the risk of someone harvesting my personal information.

    Each one of us has to get and stay informed about the risks we take and then weigh those risks against the benefits. I’ll take the chance, thank you!

  5. dfen says:

    while I believe that “what happens in facebook stays in facebook” should be enacted as policy it is naive to believe that what we post, comment on or “joke” about on-line is privacy controlled to only a limited number of enabled viewers. Facebook is an entertaining communal venue but it is no “confessional” people, you might as well be taking out an ad in the newspaper when you post information on-line so it is a case of “living and dying by your own sword” so to speak. It is important that what we “put out there” is an accurate (or desired) representation of how we want the world at large to view us. In regards to the “scary” amount of information that these government bodies have access to with facebook,….they already had it (although perhaps not in so entertaining a format) Maybe it’s a means of collecting political/social viewpoints as a precursor to some McCarthyesque man hunt but perhaps it’s also an opportunity to present honest and independent viewpoints in an above board and uncompromising way (including this forum on privacy policies)… that or a good way to procrastinate on a thursday night..

  6. Sharon says:

    Well, it is very disconcerting that people have access to so much so easily on a site such as facebook….and while it is a great place to add friends and search for people one hasn’t seen in years (has worked for me)…it is also very scary that you can go on to someone’s page and click on other people and see their family and friends etc etc (if they don’t have limited proile)…that part makes me uneasy…but as with most things when we just use something as normal as a credit card, or sign up for one…all of our info in out there for anyone who wants it….and can be hacked into…or even sold as a list for corporations to use and canvass etc…it is like there is no privacy anymore for anyone, unless we live in a vacumn…and I do not know of anyone that would want that..
    As for the whole conspiracy theory….whether it is or isn’t…i do believe that the government has all the info that they need on us…..don’t think that that changes with Facebook….

  7. Globert says:

    I think you might find this Orwellian image interesting.


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