Atlantis in the Andes

Atlantis - An artists rendering

As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in unusual stories, the ‘Earth mysteries’ if you will, the Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles, the pyramids of Egypt, the Loc Ness Monster, etc., it actually drives my wife crazy! One that has been peaking my interest lately is the mystery of Atlantis. This due in part to the book I’m reading The Convoluted Universe, Book 2 by Dolores Cannon (visit her website) and in part to some new discoveries in South America.

Atlantis - Remnants of an ancient cityAtlantis - More evidenceAtlantis - J.M.Allen and stone blocks

Plato was the first to document this mysterious lost continent some 3,000 years ago with a detailed description of the city of Atlantis which seems to point to it’s location high in the Andes! Read the 50 comparison points to this site near Pampa Aullagas, Bolivia, based on Plato’s story.

I’m not going to present all of the evidence here, there is far too much believe it or not. You can read all about it here.

To clarify, Altantis was an ancient organized society that may have spanned some 1,000 years and geographically from as far North as Bermuda, down through what is now the Carribean Islands (which would have been giant mountains over looking Atlantis at the time) to South America.

Here’s a video of the site where the ancient city of Atlantis as described by Plato, is believed to have once stood:

Search Google Earth for ‘Pampa Aullagas’, Bolivia. You’ll see the site as clear as day! Amazing!

“So Altantis is ~real~ big deal! What good is this information going to do for us now?” some people will ask. Well, if the legend is true, Atlantians had figured out a way to harness the energy of the universe and use it in every aspect of their lives from simply lighting their homes at night, to traveling both accross the surface of the Earth and maybe even into deep space. As a contemporary society we depend far too much on fossil fuels which in the end could end up being the ‘great flood’ that kills us off. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn as much as we can from them and use their knowledge today?

UPDATE: (December 17, 2007) I’ve just discovered this website that goes though a checklist system to point out the possible and impossible places for Atlantis, a great read. In it they insinuate that the capital of Atlantis was the model for ALL other great cities on the continent. So, while this sight may look like the lost city of Atlantis it may be simply a copy if you will, of the design for cities in Atlantis. Nonetheless, it would still qualify as A city of Atlantis if not THE city of Atlantis.

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32 Responses to Atlantis in the Andes

  1. slivermoon22 says:

    thanks for this.
    i have done a little research in this area as well.

  2. Hi there.
    Wow.. where could I start.. let’s see.. like you, i’m intrested in the “earth mysteries” since many years.
    I must say that I really would like to thank you for writing about Atlantis. It’s so hard to find information about Atlantis.

    Ok, now i have a question: I have read many books about atlantis. I didn’t read the texts you present here (but i plan to do so as soon as i can), but I would like to ask which of the criteria this location satisfies, that Antarctica does not satisfy. I talk about the theory of rand Flem Ath, and (as far as i can remember) colin wilson. They have some pretty good evidence that, through shifting of the whole earth’s crust and mantle, antarctica used to be atlantis. theyx even have some worldwide evidence for this. Could you explain me why I should abandon the theory of Mr. Flem Ath and start beiving in the theory you point out here?

    Sorry for my bad english, i’m not a native speaker 😦

  3. David Tyler says:

    Well, I’ll be honest I’m not familiar with the Antarctica theory, though I won’t discount it. Atlantis was a large, organized society…not just one city. The ‘city’ that Plato described fits the location in the Andes quite well. read the 50 comparison points about the Bolivian site here:

    Plato said that Atlantis was located in front of or opposite the Straits of Gibraltar (Pillars of Hercules) which would point you directly at the Carribean…the only part remaining of that continent being what we now know as South America.

    As I mentioned, the continent of Atlantis was large…stretching up to Bermuda and included the Carribean Islands (which at the time would have been mountain peaks), down to South America…the Northern regions collapsing into the sea for as yet an undiscovered reason.

  4. jamesallen says:

    I am always amazed when people mention Antarctica as the site of Atlantis considering Antarctica has been under ice for hundreds of thousands of years and has no correspondence whatsoever to Plato’s geographic description of Atlantis.

  5. Ok, I must counter you on this one. Antarctica has many geographical features described by Plato that other continents don’t have. For instance “the center of the ocean”, or “straight out of the columns of heracles”, or it even has features described by other ancient legends. And antarcica wasn’t under ice for thousends of years: The ice slipped above antarctica recently. The ice is up to some millinos of years old, but radiocarbon test confirmed that the plants found there are at most 13,000 years old. And the plants where beneath the ice. In the “Atlantis blueprint” there are several other examples of the antarctica possiblity: the size, the climat, the dates, etc.
    I really recommend reading it.

  6. Christine says:


    I just want to say, that there is Bible verification of some of the events of the lost continent, in Isaiah 14, and Ezekiel 28, and also, God refers to it in the Rainbow Covenant, and when he spoke from heaven to Jesus and said, ‘I BOTH sanctified it and will sanctify it again.’ BOTH refers to the 2 floods, and as brought out in the speach about the rainbow covenant HE says ALL flesh was destroyed.

    Also, Jesus refers to the time period we now live in as the RE-CREATION..MATTHEW 19:28.

    Not to mention the obvious fact, especially if you are a believer, that Genesis 1:2 starts with a totally flooded earth, which would not be the case, unless it was for judgment. The earth would have had land and sea in the creation process. It is common sense.

    Upon more investigation, it is noted that God dealt with that situation differently than the one we are now in there are imperfect children of Adam and Eve.

    Then there were perfect persons in Paradise for a long time, until the cherub, angel caretaker, Lucifer/Satan rebelled and caused great havoc there. Then there were rebels, and their imperfect children and the perfect faithful ones.

    There is reason to believe the perfect ones were taken to another ‘earth’ across the universe, in Isaiah.

    Well, just thought you would be interested..sincerely, Christine

    • t webster says:

      to say atlantis was located in the andes is stupid no one from platos time even knew of the americas and not to mention how this story made it to the other side of the planet. I for one do not believe atlantis was ever real.

      • David Tyler says:

        Jim does have some really compelling evidence that the city of Atlantis was indeed in the Andes, did you look at it? I likewise believe a greater society known as Atlantis existed in the Carribean and South America, Jim’s discovery is of a city within that greater ‘world’.

        To clarify: the story of Atlantis didn’t take place at the time of Plato but rather several hundred, maybe thousands of years before. The legend was told to Plato second hand.

        Assuming that no civilization as great (or greater) than our own existed before us is simply hubrus. It wouldn’t have mattered if nobody of Platos time knew of the Americas when an advanced civilization such as Atlantis had the technology and ability to travel to that primitive society huddled around the Mediteranean.

  7. hi,
    thank you for the visit to my site..
    the post is very informative.
    there is another lost continent — called kumari kandam in ancient Tamil literature….. it is thought of to be the same as Lemuria….

  8. con"I"cute says:

    atlantis is silver age and i to be sure atlantis is ture story

  9. […]  I just emailed my friend Jim Allen who you will remember is the archeologist who discovered Atlantis in the Anades ( about these artifacts to […]

  10. David Tyler says:

    Thanks for the link Adam, the amount of information on Atlantis is truly mind boggling!

  11. I’ve always found the Atlantis story interesting. It seems impossible for there not to have been a civilization which was much smarter in many ways than civilization is today, if you look at the ruins of ancient cities either in Europe or Asia, the level of planning, architectural detailing, even the mythology of European and Asian civilizations…

  12. Danyon Adams-Newey says:

    I believe that the underwarter ruins off the coast of Japan may either be a strange natural formation or the remains of Atlantis.

  13. Jan Paolo M.Madiam says:

    guys check this out its from edgar cayce, Dowsing with God I am told that most of the records are under the sea in the Atlantic ocean. This land mass will arise due to global warming and earthly disasters, which will happen in 2009-2010.

    By:Edgar Cayce
    omg im only 12 yers old and im joining an adult conversations.

    • David Tyler says:

      Hi Jan Paolo, nice to hear from you. Keep in mind that in the global warming scenario described by some, the seas of the world will rise and that in actuality current land masses will go underwater, not the other way around. I am leaning toward the idea that the ‘lost’ continent of Atlantis is what we know as South America…and that only the most Northern part of that lost continent sank leaving just the highest peaks above water… Today we call that region the Caribbean Islands.

  14. Jan Paolo M.Madiam says:

    This relatively recent theory holds that Antarctica is Atlantis. Those who subscribe to this theory say that Antarctica wasn’t always the ice-covered land at the bottom of the world, as it is today. The continent was once a tropical land situated on the Earth’s equator, but was shifted to the South Pole due to a slippage of the planet’s crust. This theory is described in great detail, with photos and maps, at Atlantis and the Earth’s Shifting Crust. One of their main pieces of evidence is an alleged ancient Egyptian map of Atlantis, said to be published in a book by a German Jesuit priest in 1665. The map depicts “Atlantis” between the Americas and Africa (look at a globe from the bottom and Antarctica is indeed situated between South America and Africa). More intriguing, however, is the shape of Atlantis in this supposedly ancient map: it corresponds almost exactly to the shape of the land beneath all the ice of Antarctica – a shape that wasn’t known until 20th century satellite imaging!

    Gene D. Matlock is one researcher who believes we should be conducting the search for Atlantis in the Yucatan region of Mexico. Matlock cites place names as one of the compelling proofs:

    • bobby bob bread crumbs says:

      If i’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying that at the time of Atlantis, Antarctica was near the equator, and therefore more inhabitable. Well, Antarctica has been at the south pole for millions of years.

  15. jill says:

    the metal item is chinese, see the dragon images and the side knots indicate it is from the Sang period.
    China had huge ships that sailed all over including to the Americas.
    This history is now lost…but there is many records that speak about these giant ships…this is how coffee and chocolate has been found in the Egyptian tombs it was brought to them in the Chinese boats that visited the Americas.
    Atlantis was long sunk and completely buried by this time.

  16. Jan Paolo M.Madiam says:

    well doh..what do you think, atlantis is floating somewhere?

    • David Tyler says:

      Jan Paolo, there is plenty of evidence of the movement of tectonic plates all over the world. There are newer theories that the Earth is actually growing in size and thereby ripping apart continents as it stretches out and moving them. I think this is a more reasonable theory for the shifting of the continents, than simple movement of the Earth’s crust.

      That said I still think that Jim Allen’s discovery of Atlantis in the Andes is the most credible location of Atlantis.

      • bobby bob bread crumbs says:

        The idea that the Earth is actually growing is wrong. If you look at the way the tectonic plates move, you will see that as new plate is being made (like along the mid-atlantic ridge) the older plate is being subducted under a different plate. If the Earth was growing in size, i think we would’ve noticed by now.

      • David Tyler says:

        Hi Bobby, thanks for commenting on my blog. I don’t want to take this discussion too far off it’s central point of Jim Allen’s discovery in the Andes, but I’d like you to watch this short video which opened my eyes to the idea that the earth is indeed growing.

      • bobby bob bread crumbs says:

        wow, that is actually very interesting. But then again, there is so much evidence that points to the theory of tectonic plates, it’s hard to decide which one is “right”. And i understand that this is not totally relevent, but a very interesting subject. In the video, it shows how north america and asia were connected. In the animation mentioning evolution of trees, it portrays Alaska as “bending” towards Canada. If the state really was bending, the northern side would be under tension, and would eventually break apart. And yes, we are unique in the fact that we are just the right distance from the sun, and our core is made up of the correct balance of elements. Also, havn’t scientists already proved the ideas of subduction and sea-floor spreading?

  17. Jan Paolo Madiam says:


  18. sanjisan says:

    Come to Indonesia 😉

  19. jc says:

    for that last video about the earth growing and all the contenants covering the earths surface. if that were true, where did all the water come from? the map shows very few small lakes are somehow stretched into the vast oceans as the land forms pull apart.
    and you call yourself a scientist. sir i pity you

    • David Tyler says:

      Hi JC, interesting point. However, not only am I not a scientist but I’m also not worthy of your pity. As you know from basic High School level science water comes in 3 forms: solid (ice) liquid and gas (vapour). Have you considered that the water that makes up our oceans today came from ice concentrated at the poles or perhaps from the condensing atmosphere itself? Likewise did you consider that water exists below the surface of the Earth and comes up through natural springs?

  20. Thomas says:

    For anyone interested, this is a good watch:


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