Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars 

My Mechanic has always joked  with me that the problem with my car is somewhere between the steering wheel and the drivers seat (at least I think he was joking) …Well, get ready for this:  Your car’s driver’s seat may become a thing of the past. General Motors says cars that drive themselves, even parking at their destination, could go on sale within a decade. Much of the technology is already available to make it happen, but questions remain as to whether it’s something that people actually want. There are other hurdles such as government regulation, liability laws, and privacy concerns. The way GM sees it working is they would have an antenna to link vehicles equipped with the driverless technology to sensors in roadways capable of controlling the car. The driver would then have the option of turning the control of the vehicle over to the highway system. Highways would likely be the first place the systems would be installed while drivers would still control the vehicle on city streets. Ultimately, they say the driverless vehicles would move traffic along more smoothly and reduce the number of accidents. 

So what do you think? Would you buy a car that drives itself ? Would you be able to just sit there and let your car take you to were you wanted to go?


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