Now You Know

Waiting for the Bus 

There’s at least one rare occasion when it pays to be lazy! 

Apparently with plenty of time on their hands, three top mathematicians have answered the burning question – If you’re waiting at a bus stop, but there’s no bus in sight. Should you start walking – hoping to beat the bus, but risking having it drive by when you’re between stops – or sit and wait for it? 

After drawing up a complicated equation factoring in the number of bus stops along the route; distance along the route; the speed of the bus; walking speed; and the probability that a bus will show up – they found that the answer was to sit on your butt and wait.  If you don’t believe them, they say you should walk right away before you do any waiting. 

You’ll still reach your destination later than the bus would’ve gotten you there, but it will be much less frustrating than waiting, then walking, then watching the bus roar by.


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