Big Foot on Mars

Bigfoot On Mars Close-Up

Well, here it is, the picture everyone has been talking about Big Foot out for a leisurely stroll across the rocky surface of Mars. (You can see the full picture here, he’s down in the bottom left corner)

Personally, I think that at least one image out of the many thousands that have been taken by the Mars Rovers will show a rock or sand structure that resembles “something strange” and this seems to be the one.  If there were another picture taken a few seconds later that showed this same object and that it had changed positions, I might get excited.  In fact, NASA could probably figure out the location of the object and go back to take another picture to see if it is still there, or look for foot prints, sandal prints, maybe a discarded wrapper of a Mars chocolate bar.

Consider that Mars has virtually no global magnetic field like Earth’s.  Our magnetic field  protects us from the solar winds produced by our sun and as a byproduct creates some wonderful Aurora Borealis. Mars’ weak magnetic field has left it open to solar winds which have over time (4-million years) virtually ripped whatever atmosphere it had, away and leaves it open to inhuman radioation levels. Not to mention that the Mars “sea level” atmosphere is equivalent to Earth’s atmosphere at 70,000 feet…I would have to guess that this photo is not of a humanoid. At least not one that we can understand.

That said lets step off the beaten path for a moment and consider the work being done at C.E.R.N. or at least the work that is being prepared. This year they are putting the final touches on the world’s biggest particle collider (LHC) that is being prepared to test M-Theory and in the process potentially discovering up to an 11 dimensional universe that we never knew was there not to mention the infinite parallel universes all around us! (I warned you we were stepping off the beaten path).

It is quite possible that in a parallel universe Mars still has an atmosphere and that this ‘being’ momentarily stepped into this one and then back to were it came from…

Big Foot on Earth

…or it could be a rock…


One Response to Big Foot on Mars

  1. 2ndperky says:

    Cool, do you realy thinks its a real alien life form? Now I know why we can’t find real evidence of big foot on earth someone shot him to mars and died his hair green and brown. Im learning about planets in school so im interested in space stuff and life on planets. Ill keep looking at pictures of mars on the computer and I realy want to be a astronomer when i grow up cool picture thanks

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