Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! 

It’s Chinese New Year starting the Year of the Rat.

According to soothsayers it means we’ll see a build-up of international tensions, natural and air disasters, and a more turbulent stock market.  The Chinese calendar follows a 60-year cycle, so they say 2008 will be similar historically to 1948, when such turbulent events as the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine (Israel) and the blockade of Berlin took place.

On the upside, they say this year will be good for romance, but it will also bring sex scandals.  In other good news, they interpret the Year of the Rat to bring stability to housing market and economy.  They also see a big change in Hillary Clinton’s health and career, but they add Barack Obama is expected to be in an extraordinary political position in the next 10 years and there’s a big chance that he will win November’s presidential election.


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