Surviving An Avalanche

How to survive an avalanche  

Well, considering it’s snowing again this morning, I thought it appropriate to share with you my tips on how to survive an avalanche. And considering the amount of snow we’re going to be dealing with likely until June… To start you can forget about the idea of trying to outrun the snow. An avalanche can accelerate to over 100 km/hr in seconds. But if you follow these tips, you might just walk away from it:

1. Grab a tree. The more snow that slides past you, the less likely you’ll be buried alive. Hang on for dear life until the force knocks you off.

2. Paddle hard. You are three times denser than dry snow, so if you’re not swimming, you’ll sink.

3. Create space. Once the snow stops, it’ll set like concrete. As it slows, inhale to reserve room for the expansion of your chest, and cup a hand around your mouth to leave an air pocket.

4. Raise a hand. Before the flow ceases, get a limb to the surface to help rescuers find you. Between 15 minutes and 45 minutes under the snow, your odds of survival fall from 90 percent to 30.

5. Breathe slowly. To delay carbon dioxide poisoning, stay calm and don’t bother yelling until rescuers are on top of you. Your fate is now in their hands.


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