Strange Beer Names

Drink Beer

I guess I should have posted this for St. Patrick’s day, but then again beer is good anytime! rounded up some of the oddest-sounding beers in the world.

Fiddler’s Elbow — Wychwood, the small brewery responsible for this gem, draws its inspiration from the fantasy and mythical geography of the UK. So, while it is a catchy sounding and strange beer name, Fiddler’s Elbow is also a small village in Wales. 

Old Speckled Hen — This wildly popular English ale got its name this way. The men who used to build MG automobiles back in the day used one particular MG to zip around the factory. They referred to this venerable, rust-spotted vehicle as “The owld speckled ‘un.” On the 50th anniversary of the car, the tongue-in-cheek brewmasters celebrated by creating a beer with the slightly more marketable name of Old Speckled Hen.

Dogfish Head Snowblower Ale — Dogfish Head is a small craft brewery based in Delaware that is growing rapidly thanks in no small part to its immensely popular Lawnmower beer. So, playing off that name, they decided to go with the winter equivalent for their cold-season offering.

Sick Duck — The genesis of the name of this award-winning beer is shrouded in mystery, but the fact that it’s brewed in casks that previously held rum might have something to do with becoming ill from overindulgence.

Seriously Bad Elf — Beers that weighs in at a hearty 9% alcohol will make just about anyone do something seriously bad. So, Ridgeway Brewing decided to give their bitter-strong holiday brew a suitable holiday-themed name.

Arrogant Bastard — If your beer is really good, you can call it pretty much anything you want and people will drink it. Or, in the case of the Stone Brewing Company in California, you make a beer so good that you basically mock anyone that dares to drink it by calling the brew Arrogant Bastard.

Moose Drool — The owners of Big Sky Brewing Co. got their start brewing in basements and went on to become mini-celebrities in Missoula, Montana, with a public-access cable show called Beer Talk. According to legend, the owners of the brewery were sitting beneath an old painting brainstorming beer names when one finally looked up at the artwork and saw a majestic moose drinking from a lake, and there was a thin line of water running down to the rippled surface. “It’s a moose, he’s drooling, let’s call it moose drool,” he said.

Santa’s Butt Porter — This seasonal beer’s moniker is actually in reference to a large (108 gallon) barrel referred to as a butt.


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