What Your Co-Workers Hate About You

Angry Co-Workers

Now, be honest are you a bad coworker?  You might be and not even know it.  Here are the top four “coworkers bad habits”:

Missing deadlines. YOU might think turning in a project an hour late is no big deal, but what you’re really saying is “You can’t count on me!” What if your boss needed that project to be on time so they could take it to a meeting? Now you’ve made both you AND your boss look bad. Deadlines aren’t negotiable – they’re put in place for a reason. So get everything done when you’re supposed to.

Dressing unprofessionally. This sends the message that you don’t take your job seriously. Think about it: Would YOU promote someone to manager if they constantly dressed like they were going clubbing? Save the short skirts, holey jeans, message tees, and tube tops for the weekend. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate, look at what management is wearing – and go from there.

Playing computer games or shopping online during work hours. Last time I checked, most job descriptions didn’t include “play massive amounts of solitaire” or “pick out a pair of heels for your friend’s wedding.” You’re being paid to work, not play. So save the extracurricular Internet activities for your time at home.

Being negative. Everybody complains once in a while, but if someone says “Good morning” — and you shoot back with “Yeah, right. Is it Friday yet?” — people are going to start avoiding you. If everyone avoids you, how can you network and move up in the company? Work isn’t always fun – but try to keep the complaints to a minimum.

So, what stuff bothers you about someone you work with, or used to work with?


2 Responses to What Your Co-Workers Hate About You

  1. Cookiemama says:

    Repetitive conversation topics – talking about your cat/dog/family every day and all day long becomes redundant. Find something else to discuss!

    Odd noises – laughing, squeaking, burping, etc.

    Odor – the bad ones.

  2. jennifer boucher says:

    I work in retail so I often need to depend on others to help, which brings me to my answer. The worst thing you can do to a coworker is notice that they need help (especially if they ask you) and you continue to do what you are doing, even if its not as important as say, oh, serving customers! lol. thats my work pet peeve

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