Spring Cleaning

House Cleaning

Well get this, a clean house may not mean a happy house, but it can mean a happy you. 

Researchers say that doing housework could put you in a better mood.  Previous studies have indicated that exercise can help improve your mood and reduce stress. Now, apparently, it turns out that scrubbing or vacuuming involves enough physical activity to brighten your day.  However, unlike participating in sports, where the more you played, the more stress reducing benefits you received, the same was not true for housework. 

About 20 minutes of cleaning will give you all the benefits you’re going to get.  Researchers say the message is to do a little bit of housework and a lot of sports.


3 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Laurel Leduc says:

    I agree…less housework and more sports!! Mnd you I’ve heard it said that housework is a form of sport…am I in trouble here!! Darn it.

  2. sylvia lowenkron says:

    I agree and I would far more rather do sports than housework. Much more fun

  3. Alex says:

    Well, house work is ok, but then I need to spend money on massage.
    Well, I guess i can just spend money on my cleaner 🙂

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