Gas Gone Wild

Well, gas in Montreal is up to $1.29 for a litre. For my American readers a litre is the equivalent of a quart…so for a gallon of gas we’re now paying $5.16!

At this point we can only LOL…


2 Responses to Gas Gone Wild

  1. LINDA says:

    It’s suppose to reach a high of about $1.50 /litre during the summer. At this point, I’m just glad our Canadian dollar is at par with the U.S., otherwise, we will be paying about 12 cent more.

  2. Anna says:

    I think this is crazy, can’t the government cut back on some of the taxes??? We pay
    enough for everything else. I live up north and gas prices are about 15 cent cheapter, (a litre), can someone explain that????

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