Plastic Bottle Island

Plastic Bottle Island

Believe it or not, this is awesome. Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable. What can we possibly think of other than reduce the use of plastic bottles, reuse them and recycle them to minimize their accumulation underground. If you want to guess what this guy did, don’t restrict your thoughts to a possible territory. Think the unthinkable because that’s what this guy Richart Sowa called Rishi did. This eco-pioneer, artist, and musician, originally from England, built a floating island using just bottles. Yes, you read it right – an island with just bottles, in a lagoon near Puerto Aventuras, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico south of Cancun.

Check out the video to believe what you read. The island bears a two-story house with a solar oven, a self composting toilet, a dish-washer and mangrove plantations gives a reminiscence of “Cast away”, yet has the essential facilities, if not sophisticated. Rishi has used 250,000 bottles on the whole to build the house, a 66ft (20 m) by 54 ft (16 m) structure. He laid the foundation also with bottles, that he claims took him 6 months and to complete the construction starting from 1998, it took him about two-and-a-half years. He seemingly used wooden planks and bamboo for supporting structures.

Far from the madding crowd, this would be the most-wanted atmosphere for an insular person. Although, the effort and idea is appreciable, the longevity of a structure built with something as light as plastic is a matter of question. As one would have expected, it was destroyed by the hurricane Emily, in 2005. In August 2007, however, Sowa announced that he will rebuild it. Hats off to his determination. Well, one can only hope his efforts don’t turn out to be futile.

Check out the video after the jump.


7 Responses to Plastic Bottle Island

  1. kvinnorihop says:

    What an ingenious idea! Perhaps we should all think of more things we can create with the garbabe we like to just toss aside. Kudos to the guy!

  2. dave barbery says:

    This is really amazing but i think it would be better for him to stay sheltered
    and not go to sea as a good 10 to 20 foot wave will distroy it in seconds
    good luck if he does

  3. mfo says:

    Really cool!

  4. David says:

    This is completely retarded. This guy isn’t an ‘eco-pioneer’ (whatever the hell that means); he’s an idiot. First of all, even though most polymers aren’t biodegradable, they do break down into smaller pieces. These smaller parts are then ingested by marine life, and they, consequently, kill those animals. Furthermore, this idiot wasted 2.5 years collecting and building an island out of 250,000 bottles when he should have been bringing them to the recycling center. Now there are 250,000 more plastic bottles floating around in the ocean. What a f***ing idiot. Thanks for f***ing up my ocean a**hole. I’m not taking my hat off for him; I’m giving that b**ch the finger.

  5. felcopruners says:

    Thank you for your picture

  6. evelyn says:

    Your right he first of all is an idiot! the plastic does break up and fish and birds do eat it and if you eat fish well ?We are killing our planet ! Hope this didnt give any other lazy idiots any stupid ideals .Stick to trash digging!

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