Metro Station, Shake It

Metro Station

I‘ve always been a big fan of simple pop songs. There’s something about a song with a basic, even benign lyric and a good beat that no matter how hard you try forces you to smile.

Well, this week I discovered a new song from a group called Metro Station, it’s called “Shake It”. Think The Cars meets The Bravery.

For some reason the official video for the song isn’t available in Canada (?) from their website but I did find some “interesting” fan videos [1][2][3][4] on YouTube. Check them out on MySpace.

They’ll be in Montreal August 14th at Metropolis.



10 Responses to Metro Station, Shake It

  1. Nonie says:

    im in love with them, i have angel bits too… so i just decided we’re getting married.

    add me on myspace

  2. Skyla pisciotti says:

    i love the metro station i fell in love with them as soon as i heard a peak of there music my fav. song by them is “control” i listen to it as much as i can and wen they come to NY i will be part of the crowd!!!!

    i love Metro Station

  3. may k says:

    this band is flippin uhmazinggggg they the bomb ive been with them 4 along time and finally they get heard dey deserve it they r awesome IlY TRACE ❤ !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sierra says:

    metro station is pretty cool….!!!

  5. Sasha says:

    oh my gosh……they are soooooooooo awesome i could cry!!!!!!!!!!!!11i looooove you trace……i want to marry you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. Lizzie says:

    I love Metro Station! I jus heard them for the first time, yesterday. I heard Shake It. That is a totally awesome song. I love it.

  7. grace says:

    i love metro station
    is so cool
    i love mason

  8. Jessi says:

    i love metro station i think the two lead singers are so HOTT i love them thier songs are the best

  9. zaharenia says:

    i love metrio stasion i love the song shake it its so cool

  10. diana says:

    METRO STATION is the best… i love shake it….!!!!theye are so kute..!!!

    simply i love..!!!!!

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