Open Letter To The Public

Economy Crash

I just came across this forum discussion about the state of the US economy and found it compelling and wanted to share. Read the comments that follow on the page here:

“So you complained when oil reached $2 a gallon.
You got upset and complained louder when it passed $3/gallon.

You decided to sacrifice other things in your life. Perhaps you have given up eating out. Perhaps you’ve given up Cable TV. Still have a house? After all, FOX News says everything is just fine. (They’re right, the system is finally working as intended

Now you are paying $4 per gallon that you put into your vehicle that you’ve ignorantly decided gives you “freedom”.

What more can you sacrifice in your life to further inflate the bank accounts of the greedy? How much of your blood and sweat are you going to hand over, in the name of “freedom” ?

Do you really feel your CAR gives you freedom? Do you really think that it’s yours? Not simply a borrowed tool, that the greedy let you hold onto, so that you can keep making massive payments to them??

I know, you continue to support all that is wrong in this world, because you are concerned about the poor oil man’s family, and them not yet having enough millions to buy some more yachts or private islands.

Your car is your tool to “freedom”?? YOU are the TOOL. You obediently keep going to work so you can pay these taxes that fund wars and greed. You loyally keep filling your gas tank to make sure some oil corporation CEO can laugh all the way to the bank.

Do you think they care about you? Why dedicate your whole life, most waking hours, to making sure that the greedy will thrive, and wars can continue to be declared, in your name?

I hope that you can sleep at night, with your savings drying up, your family soon going hungry, and world war 3 a very real possibility.

Have you thought about what you can give up next, as the gas prices go higher?

Take as long as you need to think of it. Wait too long, and the choice may already be made for you……….”

COMMENT: This is a crisis of greed, not a crisis of supply

We can only hope that things don’t get as bad as they are  South of the border…if history dictates, whenever the US sneezes Canada catches a cold…


One Response to Open Letter To The Public

  1. William says:

    I’m almost positive most people buy gas so they can to work everyday and go out to eat and drive around for fun. Gass cost money true but if it did not then no one would sell gass and we’d be back to damn horses or walking and thats a bitch.Taxes suck a damn lot and it sucks when they go to war. Luckily even with taxes we are still very damn rich so paying for a war that kills a brutal dictator is not that bad it still sucks but I can live with it. I mean dont get me wrong I think the war should be over but you gotta must realize that money we pay goes into helping the less fortunate. I also must add that the rich CEO pays most of the damn taxes anyways and provides us with the goods and services we want. Also their is plenty of food most of us live of pretty deceant food but if budgets got tighter we could eat rice and beans and water. but more realisiticaly we will eat hamburgers instead of steak and maybe a coke instead of beer. People dont buy shit for other people unless they are pressed to like a hobo selling a pencil people buy shit for themselves. People are free they go to work because for some reason they want to. It sucks that some of their money goes to taxes I dont think it should but they go to work anyways. People buy gass and they buy cars and they buy shoes and they buy phones and they buy an ass tone of stuff because they would rather have it. As for working everyday well look at history people have always spent alot of time working more so then. They could live with a lot less and not work some do but most probably would not know what to do. also gass is 1.67 now so yeah.

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