Should Bees Be On the Endangered Species List?

Bee\'s Getting Sick

Einstein once said if the bee’s vanish then all life on Earth has 4 years to live.

Approximately 80% of all insect pollination is completed by honey bees. The disappearance and the dying off of hundreds of millions of honey bees has the scientific community sounding the alarm that the human race could be in serious trouble.

Like the canary in the coal mine we had better wake up and find the real cause of what is happening to our bees around the world and not to mention the bird population dying off.

Could this be caused by electromagnetic fields being emitted from cellular phone towers and the 2.5 billion cell phones in use across the world or is it HAARP emitting frequencies throughout the planet Earth? Could part of the problem be the genetically engineered food we are eating or is it all of the above?

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3 Responses to Should Bees Be On the Endangered Species List?

  1. green4u says:

    The bee population is dying and it is still not really the news story it should be. Those of us who might read in the “green” circle for lack of a better term are aware of it but not the general public. If the average person does know about the bee problem they do not understand how widespread it is or what it signifies. I hope some research is done to see why!!!

  2. David Tyler says:

    Thanks Green4u,

    Hopefully this forum is at least a start…let’s hope it catches the mainstream media’s eye for more than a 90 second “news bite”…

  3. Talyn Vassiliadis says:

    Im only a 12-year old girl, but I believe that bee’s are endangered species. My school has tought me how important they are to our world. There is more we can do to save them!!!!!!!!

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