George Carlin: Dead

George Carlin

I’ve been on holiday for the Fete St. Jean for the last few days so please forgive my lateness on this…I just found out that George Carlin passed away on Sunday night of heart failure.

He was absolutely my all time favourite comedian. More than just a ‘comedian’ he was a social satirist, an agent for change…he pointed out to us our hypocrisies our social ridiculousness…he not only made us laugh at ourselves but helped change the way we see the world and our place in it. For that I will sincerely miss you George.

If you’re unfamiliar with George Carlins work I’ve included something from below for you to enjoy. Do not watch this with the kids around.

*(WARNING: Extreme language…but would you expect any less from George Carlin??)

Ok, ok… if you REALLY want to see the 7 Words bit…click here (Same warning as above…times 2!!)


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