Tips for Men

Guys, want to make your relationship last. Men’s Health magazine has a list of tips to help you stay on your mate’s good side. Here’s a few…

  • When she fills out one of those quizzes in a women’s magazine, read it.
  • Send her a postcard — even when you’re home.
  • Never agree with her mother when they’re arguing.
  • Let her pick the movie once in a while.
  • Never bring up her weight.
  • Have 2 bathrooms.
  • Keep all her vital statistics on a card in your wallet–birthday, anniversary, dress size, lingerie size, favorite flowers.

So guys, have you got anything to add to the list? Ladies, how do these ideas sound to you?


3 Responses to Tips for Men

  1. Lynn says:

    a) TV is NOT more important than her…EVER. b) Women need to talk and above all, NEED for it to be a two-way conversation! c) Let her go out with her girlfriends, minus the “again” comment…give & take: guys go out with their friends & if they don’t, they should. Space is precious for a healthy relationship. d) Don’t nag or whine – it isn’t sexy for either a man or woman to do!!!

  2. Jacynthe L. Fetzer says:

    a) take a walk with her; b) try hard to be romantic – pick-up a flower from the garden before entering the door; c) first thing when you return from work – kiss her; d) call her at work to wish her “Have a nice day”; e) pay attention to her – forget the TV – listen to her; f) kiss her goodnight and remind her that you love her;

  3. REM says:

    If you get up before her put the dog out and feed her/him. Kiss her good bye and wish her “a great day.” This goes a long way as it shows that you care deeply for her and her 2nd best friend.

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