Eye Jewlery

We talked about this on the air this morning and I wanted to give you a look, it’s called eye jewlery. Your kids will want it…you’ll hate it.

It’s actually a contact lense with a small hook/string hanging from the bottom edge. Supposedly it doesn’t interfere with your vision or your ability to blink.

Have a look at this YouTube.com video:

So what do you think, would you wear it? Let your kids wear it? I’m getting teary eyed just looking at this…


4 Responses to Eye Jewlery

  1. Jean says:

    The jewellry itself seems attractive, and I would like to wear it, but won’t be able to because of the shape of my corneas.

  2. Mishie says:

    I think this is crazy messing around with your eyes like that. I saw young people pearcing their eye brows and I heard their private parts. Does it give them a thrill.

  3. Sharon says:

    I’m with you David….am getting teary eyed…AND squeamish just thinking about it….

  4. Torina C. says:

    Thank god I have only boys….what else would they invent…

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