The Truth About Meditation


Yo–ga /’jəügə/ n: A philosophy that teaches how to regain ownership of the mind, senses, and body in order to produce mystical experience, ultimately resulting in union of the individual soul with universal existence.

We are all seeking yoga one way or the other, and we’re not talking about weird physical poses or difficult stretching exercises. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union; union of mind, body, individuality, and totality. Yoga is the ultimate goal of existence. It is why we are here on this planet.

We all want a better life. We want a better job, a better car, more money, a new house, a new relationship, and the list goes on.

We think that we really are after those things when in truth, we are after the feelings that these things produce in us. We are after more happiness, more completion, and more satisfaction. However, we have too long been looking in the wrong places. We’ve been trying to find fulfillment in the temporary and ever changing world of the relative.

According to ancient religions and philosophies – and recently quantum physics – there are 2 levels of existence: the Relative and the Absolute. The Relative is the world we perceive with our senses; the world where opposites co – exist and are interdependent, where good and bad are 2 sides of the same coin. It is evident and clear that there can be no up without down, no happiness without sadness, and no birth without death.

The Absolute is the eternal, omnipresent, omniscient field that underlies all relative existence. Physicists call this field the Unified Field; religions call it the will of God. The absolute is un – manifest in its nature, yet responsible for the manifestation of all things in creation. Meaning, it is not physical and cannot be perceived on the ordinary level of our senses, yet from it springs the infinite diversity of the universe. Basically, all creation is the will of God – the unmanifest – expressing itself in physical form. The absolute lies at the subtlest level of all creation, beyond the physical, mental, and emotional planes.

The goal of yoga, and the only way to find fulfillment in our day–to–day lives, is to more>>>


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