Atlantis Artifact Found

Discovered off the coast of Florida 100 years ago.

We’re not too sure about the details around this artifact. What we do know is that it was found off the coast of Florida about 100 years ago. Auction houses weren’t able to figure out it’s value, University’s weren’t able to place it’s origin or decipher it’s markings. It finally found it’s way to a Museum in Kansas City where, apparently, it spent most of it’s time in the basement unlabeled and uncatergorized. When the museum closed it was given to a former employee who left it in his basement, only to be rediscovered by his son years later who made these photographs.

Considering it was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and doesn’t have any known language it certainly suggests a mystery.

It is made in metal and carved with unique patterns and shapes, some of which might suggest Mayan …maybe even a Spanish flavour.

What do you think?

UPDATE:  I just emailed my friend Jim Allen who you will remember is the archeologist who discovered Atlantis in the Andes about these artifacts to get his opinion. He writes: “I would say the artifacts have an Arab or Moorish influence, not surprising if you consider they ruled Spain until being ejected sometime around 1492….. So could have been brought over aboard a Spanish ship or any other nationality from north Africa, who knows, maybe even Carthage or as you say, the Atlanteans!”

5 Responses to Atlantis Artifact Found

  1. PBO says:

    Looks an awful lot like Chinese style casting and patterns. The Chinese use the same style in bronzes and potts.

  2. Paul Yih says:

    This item is inverted .. it is upside down .. looks Chinese but it can also be a knock off also .

  3. capitain78 says:

    Its probably a zhou-shang bazier artifact , ancient chinese artisans usually made these kind of objects in bronze metal. Could easily be confused with an olmec-pre colombian object for the strange masks. That is no atlantean , probably it was simply inside a spanish ship sank during the first explorations and voyages to the New World .

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