The Black Kennedy


Wow, what a night! The only thing that came close to the coolness of the Obama win were those holographic interviews CNN pulled off. Neat-o!

While realizing the historical significance of the Obama win I felt kind of “…so what, he’s black, big deal…” and I think it’s that attitude people took with them into the voting booth. Barack never campaigned on race because it didn’t really matter…this is “the new America”! And I don’t think people voted for him because he was black, they voted for him because he was the right man for the job.

This is the beginning of a new era of understanding between the races and religions, not just of the US but worldwide. The US has always been a leader, that shining city on the hill [1] that the world has always aspired to (the last 8 years excluded). The social, spiritual and economic ripple effect this will set off will be immeasurable and I hope he does the right thing.

As he said in his victory speech last night, now comes the hard part, getting things done. I think one of the most important orders of business is re-uniting the Untied States…do you think he can?


One Response to The Black Kennedy

  1. milkyminx says:

    Barack Obama did work hard for the African-American vote. I think it payed off according to the reports of record voter turnout and particularly record African-American turnout.

    His political agenda isn’t race driven, but his victory was tied to the grassroots campaigning that saw him excite African Americans and move them go the polls. However, everyone who needed something to hope for found they could rally behind that cause: positive change.

    Since we are all connected, I hope the normally aggressive and sometimes violent rhetoric used by people in power or desiring power, will give way to the thoughtfulness and charisma that he displays in interviews and in his first official media interaction as president-elect.

    By the way, much is possible if we work together, so yes, THEY(Americans) CAN! Barak Obama is as strong as the people who work with him–regular citizens and politicians. If they’re really willing to work for it, they can achieve great things in the long term.

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