Don’t ask me how (because I don’t remember) but I just discovered this band called Deerhunter. They’re a 5 piece group from Atlanta. As you may or may not know I enjoy chilling out to ambient music most of the time but still hold a soft spot for my old punk/ska days…well, this group is listed as Ambient/Garage/Punk on their MySpace page combining the best of both worlds for me!

Have a listen, I like “Nothing ever Happened”…

Now here’s the cool thing, as I was listening to their songs I read their tour itinerary and they’re in Montréal TONIGHT!

7:30 – Theatre Plaza 6505 Saint Hubert, Montreal…it’s $15 to get in. There are 2 other bands with them: Times New Viking and Neighborhood Council


2 Responses to Deerhunter

  1. Mike Christie says:

    haha looks like we are thinking similar things here!
    just wrote about the montreal show tonight, hope you enjoy it too!

  2. David Tyler says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t make it….constraints of a suburban life style. Next time….

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