Call me Professor

John Abbott Continuing Education

Well, as I’ve alluded to some of you that I had a big announcement to make before Christmas and now that all of the details have been settled…I’ve decide to go back to school! Only this time people will be bringing ME apples…(do people still do that?)! :0)

I decided that after all of this time working in the communications field and running my own small business that it was about time I started sharing some of the things that I’ve learned. So starting February 11th, 2009 I will be teaching a course as part of John Abbott College’s Continuing Education Program called “How to Market Your Small Business”.

I believe that when times get tough, it’s time to get creative and innovative with your product’s, your service’s and most importantly, your marketing. Now is the time to invest in the future and look inwardly at how you can improve so you can prepare for the next boom.

The course is taught in English and is open to anybody with a small business, whether you run it from home or you have a small factory with 50 employee’s, to teach practical ways of marketing your product or service to your target customer’s.

The course number is 900-309-00-01, it’s a 6 weeks course every Wednesday night 7-10 p.m.

To get the course outline and the registration form click this link (.PDF)

If you own a small business I hope you’ll come and learn with me. If you know somebody with a small business they could probably use a course like this right now, do them a favour and let them know about it.

Look for this in the Calendar


5 Responses to Call me Professor

  1. […] as I get ready to go back to school to start teaching some of the things I’ve learned over the years as a small business owner […]

  2. Jacynthe L. Fetzer says:

    If you are as funny as a teacher as you were as a radio guy – I thinking of assisting just for the fun of listening to you!!!!

  3. David Tyler says:

    Funny and ‘informative’….I hope… :0/

    Thanks Jacynthe!

  4. marie-jos says:

    Hey David , really happy for you ..

    you will make a great teacher i am sure of that..

    congrats and don’t stop writing on your blog..
    take care!

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