AIG Tips for Surviving Angry Mob

An AIG 2 page corporate security memo, which was leaked to the press, advises employees on how not to fall victim to the populist horde calling for their heads. Have a look below (don’t forget to read my tips at the bottom):


…page 2…


Now, here’re some of my own tips:  Lie about where you work, avoiding anyone who pays income tax and  oh yeah, don’t lighting cigars with one hundred dollar bills in public anymore.

What tips would YOU give?

One Response to AIG Tips for Surviving Angry Mob

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Funny post.

    A few years ago, I worked private security (I was an off-duty police officer) for a large company’s stockholder meeting. The extra security was necessary due to former employees and current stockholders angry about the company’s financial mismanagement and legal problems.

    That was the one and only such event that I worked. I would take an extra job being shot at by gang members any day over dealing with folks who had just lost their life savings.

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