David’s Big T.O.E.*

My BIG T.O.E. 

Einstein and the other great scientist’s of our time have spent their careers searching for this one unifying theory of the world/Universe that we live in, something that sums up our very existance. Indeed, the work they are preparing to do at C.E.R.N. could very well lead to the discovery of what they’re calling “The God Particle” or the substance that makes everything what it is. See M-Theory for a deeper understanding.

As a self described “Amateur Theosopher”, I believe I have been able to take my understanding of science and my study of religion, albeit mostly an Abrahamic point of view and come up with ‘it’. In no way is my theory a compromise between science and religion, rather a spotlight on science and religions commonalities which are far greater than most realize. In a terribly un-scientific way it goes like this:

 1. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration,

2. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively,

3. There is no such thing as death,

4. Life is only a dream, and

5. We are the imagination of ourselves.

* T.O.E. stands for “Theory of Everything”…

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