Zac Efron: 17 Again

Well, after becoming totally indoctrinated into the High School Musical thing thanks to my kids we headed to the theatre for opening night of 17 Again with Zac Efron and from the looks of the box office receipts we weren’t the only ones. It brought in $24-million by Sunday night. At the end of the film I felt sorry for Matthew Perry as all of the girls in the audience realizing Zac was gone (and that the old guy was back ie. Matthew Perry), let out a sad sigh… It truly was sad.

Now, if you’re thinking “so what another teen heartthrob. We saw David and Shaun Cassidy do it, we even saw Leif Garret and where are they now?” Good point. But Zac can act!

Look at this appearance on ER when he was just 14 years old! He plays a walk-in patient named Bobby…

And on CSI: Miami:

As good as he can sing, did you know Zac turned down a recording contract offered to him by American Idol’s Simon Cowell?? Saying he preferred to concentrate on acting. I said it before and I’ll say it again…Zac can act! He’s not a learn your lines, hit your mark kind of an actor, he brings that something more to the set that only stars can bring.

Next, I want to see Zac in a movie that has nothing to do with a High School and doesn’t involve basketball. Jonny Quest might be a step in that direction.


5 Responses to Zac Efron: 17 Again

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi, Just a quick comment to your question – where are they now. Shaun Cassidy is a very successful writer and producer. Some of his shows have been American Gothic, Invasion, Cold Case, Blood Brothers, just to name a few. Shaun is currently working on Ruby and the Rockits. Shaun has also welcomed his sixth child last December, so he is quite busy these days. David is also performing and has a heavy schedule.

    I agree Zac can act. It’s great to see good talent surfacing throughout the different generations.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. WiseFlickGuy says:

    Great post. Is Zac worth it? I’ve been noticing that conversations about entertainment dropped after the release. It seems like people were disappointed.

    • David Tyler says:

      Hi WiseFlickGuy,

      Let’s see how it does this weekend. If it drops out of the Top 10 it’s second weekend, that’s usually a bad sign. I predict it will hold somewhere in the Top 5.

  3. […] a couple of minutes after this picture was taken Zac Efron arrived. His girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens is in town shooting her new movie ‘Beastly‘. […]

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