An Iceberg Didn’t Sink the Titanic


What if I told you that an iceberg didn’t sink the Titanic? OK, you’d probably say David is off on one of his “conspiracy theory” trips again or that he finally fell off the deep end. Well, it’s true an iceberg DIDN’T sink the Titanic…the Titanic sank from the water that flooded it after the Titanic hit the iceberg!! It’s not just a matter of semantics, it’s a simple example of what a paradigm shift is.

When The Church told us that the the Sun, Planets and stars revolved around the Earth and went out of it’s way to persecute anyone who said otherwise (despite having empirical data stating the obvious), we were in desperate need of a large paradigm shift, a paradigm shift that I’m glad to report we now have successfully accomplished. Just ask anyone you know and they’ll tell you the Earth revolves around the Sun.

The Real Secret
Now, what if I told you there was an idea that we have held on to dearly that is in need of the same paradigm shifting? This idea is so big and will be so difficult to get our minds around that there will likely be the same outcry from humanity “how could this be!”.

I recently began reading a book called “The Self Aware Universe” written by Amit Goswami a physics professor at the University of Oregon. If you were one of the ten’s of millions of people who watched the movie “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole” you got a taste of Amit’s theory which is gathering not only momentum in the scientific community, but empirical data in the lab through the study of quantum physics. If you watched or read The Secret it’s basic idea of the laws of attraction is a great introduction to this idea of quantum physics, a good next step for you would be to watch What the Bleep!?

Putting religion aside for a minute, it has long been assumed by science that the brain creates consciousness Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion covers this idea ad nausium

What Does This Mean To Me
The million dollar question:  so what does all of this mean to you in your everyday life?? Nothing…if you don’t want it to.

Did the discovery that the Earth was round affect a farmer in France who had no need or desire to cross the Atlantic Ocean? Nope. But if he was looking for more land and a place he could raise his family independantly from the crushing laws and taxes of the King of France…it quite literally meant, the World!

5 Responses to An Iceberg Didn’t Sink the Titanic

  1. Well you said it…it’s nothing new but there are a few who knows this but great blog and you’re doing a great job:D keep it up

  2. furcifer says:

    Wow. The Secret, law of attraction, and “What the Bleep Do We Know” in one post? Do you even know what science is?

  3. Timotheus says:

    It is quite logical that an iceberg didn’t create the gaping rip that allowed the egress of water that sank the Titanic. The hull was most likely packed with explosives that were detonated when the ship hit the iceberg.

    It has been shown over and over again that the plutocratic psychopaths who rule this world will exact any crime against humanity to gain totalitarian control over the world. Morgan, who owned the Titanic and who was the prime mover and shaker in the movement to create the Federal Reserve, conveniently decided not to go on the cruise at the last moment. This left three of the richest men in the world, who were all opposed to the Federal Reserve and to income taxation, to go to Davy Jones Locker, where they were safely out of the way. The sinking of the Titanic on April 15th, tax day, ensured the passage of these two horrific acts.

    It has been well-documented that the Lusitania was sacrificed in an attempt to foment the entry of the United States into World War I. This ship was carrying huge amounts of illicit munitions and went down in eighteen minutes.

    If Morgan had wanted a safe trip for his ship, it would have been sailing fifty miles further south so that it would have been clear of ice fields, and it would have had a speed of ten knots at night, instead of the absurd twenty two knots.

    It is all too apparent that the Titanic was blown up to make certain that this abomination called the Federal Reserve and this Marxist income taxation system, which acts in unison with the ‘Fed,” were approved by the legitimate government. Of course, Morgan was insured and didn’t lose a greenback, Federal Reserve note.

    • David Tyler says:

      Fantastic Tim. Thank you for that! While that wasn’t the original idea of my post (I was trying to open the door for new perspectives on familiar things as in paradigm shift) you brought up some things that I had never considered. Is there any way we could investigate this idea further? It really does make sense…

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