Monolith on Mars

Monolith on Mars

Monolith on Mars

Cue the music from 2001: A Space Odyssey…they discovered a monolith on the surface of Mars! Here are the details:


Image location:
X: 6191
Y: 20500

Rotation of image 81.0 degrees.

Have a closer look at the picture below, this angle comes courtesy of the Lunar Explorer Italia:

Monolith on Mars Zoom

First the face on mars, then the pyramids…now this monolith. Is it possible that there used to be an ancient civilization on Mars? Is it possible that NASA already knows the answer? Could this be the final straw for disclosure…?

UPDATE: Click this link to download the original photo. (The link should automatically download the IAS Viewer) Then enter the X and Y coordinates above…zoom into the + on the screen. The  rotate about 81 degrees.

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81 Responses to Monolith on Mars

  1. Kim says:

    Is this the same as the monolith below?

    I’m learning something new every day…

  2. David Tyler says:

    Hi Kim,

    No, that’s a monolith spotted on Phobos, Mars’ largest moon.

    Can you imagine if they are somehow connected?

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  4. Anon says:

    How about you link to the image on a NASA site and prove that you aren’t photoshopping BS for ad $$$ or something.

  5. spincycle says:

    Can you imagine that, just like the so-called “face on mars” debunking, this will be debunked too? You’re WAY TOO ready to believe this crap without further *scientific* proof.

    • David Tyler says:

      *scientific* proof of what? That there is rock shaped like a monolith on the surface of Mars?! There’s the picture of it from 2 different sattelites what other *proof* would you like?

      • Ben says:

        I think what spincycle is that you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about the nature of this monolith.

        Yes it is a monolith in the sense that it is a rocky geological feature. But be careful not to suggest it is anything more then that. People on the internet are very impressionable.

        Before we can say is an alien artifact, we need to take a sample. Until then, its a odd rocky formation.

      • Dave says:

        There’s an absolutely colossal step between “there’s a cuboid-looking shape on mars” and “an ancient civilisation is responsible for it,” you know…

      • Seer says:

        I believe that spincycle is implying that it’s a little overeager to say that a few potentially random rock formations are evidence of an ancient society. There may or may not be such a thing; it’s difficult-impossible to say right now, as data is insufficient at this time for a conclusion.

        I’ll tell you this, though: remember that monolith simply means “one rock”. A big ol’ rock. “A rock shaped like a monolith” means “a rock shaped like one rock” which is, of course, meaningless. Additionally, we have big ol’ single rocks here on Terra Mater, and quite a few of them weren’t even wrought by our hands, or those of any sapient being we’re aware of.

      • Jale Barnet says:

        All you’ve got is a rocky outcrop and an overactive imagination. What you haven’t got is proof that it’s a designed structure.

    • Alvin-San says:

      How do you define “scientific”?

      How do you define “proof”?

      What “scientific proof” do you present that the image is NOT precisely what it appears to be?

      How DOES it appear to you?

      What “crap” are you referring to?

      Did you know that NASA (Never A Straight Answer) insiders (with NAMES) have admitted that many many photos (including the Face On Mars) have been digitally altered or airbrushed, before being released to the public?

      Did you know that US Army Command Sergeant Major (ret.) Bob Dean, who had an above Top Secret clearance, recently indicated that some 40 rolls of film, representing well over a thousand hi-res photos have been intentionally destroyed by NASA (illegal, unconscionable, irresponsible) in order to prevent the public (who PAID for them) from seeing ancient ruins, artefacts & other manufactured structures on the moon?

      • Luke says:

        If you’re so certain about what you speak of then present some real proof, or keep quiet. If your idea of proof is a youtube link to some whack-job’s inane ramblings (and therefore, y’know, hearsay), then you’re not really one to be questioning anyone else’s idea on what proof is. The picture above shows a rock. So it’s impressively cuboid in its shape – so what? Are you suggesting that believing it is a rock is somehow less crazy than taking the huge imaginative leap to saying therefore it must prove there was some ancient civilization on Mars? Give me a break. Some of the mental gymnastics you guys have to go through to warp the world into your little view is simply astonishing.

        Unfortunately you’re stuck in your own little world now and any time anyone shoves logic in your face, it only makes you retreat further into it. It’s ironic really because people like you always claim the rest of us are under the control of the government or whatever, yet really it is you who are being controlled by your own irrational fears.

      • furcifer says:

        A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven – Jean Chretien

        The credulous both amuse and scare me.

    • What debunking has been done? I have heard of no debunking of the Face. If it was debunked, I probably would have heard of it by now. How can anything be debunked without *scientific* proof?

  6. Debunk Punk says:

    Is it not an appeal to authority to ask of the debunkers
    to canonize fact or fiction for you. Science should be used to open your mind and not close it.

  7. Rick says:

    Get to flyin’!

  8. Phil says:

    I hope we are all aware that Monolith means “Single Stone”

    Mono = one
    Lith (from lithic) = stone

    One we have one large stone. Doesn’t mean there are aliens running around up there.

  9. Todd Tomlinson says:

    Its Obama’s birth certificate!

  10. anon says:

    *Proof* is we go there with a man or a bot and find out what that thing looks like up close, and what it’s made of. Ever seen the Giant’s Causway in Ireland? Nature does freaky stuff, so right now that’s just a weird spikey rock until demonstrated otherwise.

  11. Jim March says:

    You watch. We’ll get there, it’s going to say “Interstellar Bypass, Coming Soon!”

    • schultzdk1981 says:

      If it says anything it will probably say something like “WARNING PLAGUE!! Be careful they call themselves Humans. The facts are the facts: they destroy or consume nearly everything they touch!!!”

  12. Avi says:

    OK – it looks a lot like the monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but seriously folks, I bet a $1,000,000 it’s just a plain old rock that happens to be very “rectangularish”, not some message from an alien civilization.

    I mean, don’t you think the aliens would try to be a bit more original than ripping off Arthur C. Clarke?!? 😉

  13. CTSR says:

    Nasa knows the answer they just keep the public in the dark, we have many,many ways and means of thinking, but it’s under government control.

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  15. Nick says:

    If the date & time of the original photo is known, along with its position on the surface, using the shadow, surely some math whiz to calculate the approximate size of the monolith. It would be nice knowing the size as there is nothing to give a relative scale to the monolith. Is it 1m tall or 100m?

  16. Jerry says:

    Nice Photoshop work here.

    If it’s not Photoshop, it’s a fragment left behind from a meteor collision.

    Don’t tell me we’re going to hear from all the “there’s a face on mars” people on this too!

  17. Quite likely the monolith is associated with the humanid and Tharg skulls found by NASA’s Spirit Rover in The Valley of The Battle, reported in July!

  18. Jon says:

    Mars was a geologically active planet at one point, it’s probably a natural rock formation. It’s not hard to find rock formations like this on earth that are completely natural.

  19. Jeff Cook says:

    light, salttilite cameras grainy snaps…lots of reason to NOT believe it’s a monolith..and what? The supreme being watched 2001 and thought this would be a cool trick? “Believe 1/2 of what you see, and none of what you hear” a old and wise saying, a straight on shot from mars would be nice.Evan then i’d want to see it myself, be skeptical, it will serve you well

  20. Harry Balzac says:

    Looks like an iPod to me.

  21. Chris says:

    I’d like proof that it’s “intelligently designed” rather than just an outcrop. Someone/something will need to land near it and take a close look.

  22. Ben Dover says:

    Couldn’t it be just shadows or the angle of the picture that makes it look like a monolith? Just as the face on Mars was not really a face but a giant hill with crevices that made it look like a face under certain angles and with shadows…

  23. buddamagoo says:

    If anyone else is fooled by this image, then I feel sorry for you. There’s clearly a light colored rectangle containing the area where the shadow lies. There is no doubt that this has all the markings a digitally edited image. I call it bogus.

  24. Donna Martin says:

    It’s a coke machine.

  25. Are you kidding says:

    Go outside, Get a life, Do something worth while for society.

  26. This is so interesting.


  27. V says:

    Could just be a mesa of sort on the surface of Deimos… somewhat similar to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming USA:

    or something else ooooOOO

  28. Big Henry says:

    Look up Occam’s Razor. Don’t get carried away…..

  29. nobbydamus says:

    I’d be more intersted in finding a pebble in a Mars Bar on Earth, then I could do something with it.

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  31. ayop17 says:

    mmmm.. reallyy???


  32. Oh my sweet baby Jesus! That insane drug addled alcoholic L. Ron Hubbard was right after all!

  33. tenpoundhammer says:

    It’s a square rock! Would anyone need to photo shop this ?

  34. budhouston says:

    Fascinating replies and responses. Reminds me that the truly scientific mind is essentially skeptical. Prove it! Prove, for example that this is a digitally edited image. I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible to do so. But there are choices of directions to jump on conclusions. Whatever your assertion is… prove it, or get off the line.

  35. supergites says:

    Why not believe it? You trust what’s on the 8 o’clock news – right?

  36. deforma says:

    It would be nice to have the original source from that picture.What probe took the picture?

    Until there it’s just a geometrically shaped rock.

  37. conservative09 says:


  38. maryamingty says:

    Pardon me..what is the monolith means exactly? thx

  39. crucisis says:

    I for one won’t discard the image all together. No harm in being on neutral grounds here. Every time something huge was uncovered it faced criticism. It ain’t necessary that this is one of those times but who knows. Hold on to your seats, wait and watch.

  40. p3to5 says:

    Hahoey…! That’s really cool man !!! Where do you get it ?!! I want know about it so much !!! Thx…

  41. richardbanner says:

    Hi! Very interesting photo. I wonder if Greg Bear found this before writing “Moving Mars”, what do you think the story will be?

  42. kuroikaze85 says:

    It’s a NASA landing module, perhaps. Some of these are still on the Moon.

  43. gullybogan says:

    Actually, that’s mine.

    I dropped it last time i was on Mars.

    It’s the remote control for my stereo system.

    Thanks for finding it, dude. I’ve been having to walk all the way to the darn cabinet every time i need to change the volume…

  44. Neil says:

    What is the fuzzy but regularly-shaped darker area surrounding the ‘monolith’, including on the sunlit side, supposed to be? An alien force-field? Looks more like a Photoshop artefact than a Martian one to me.

    What is the source of the photo. Till I see that, it’s a poorly-faked hoax for me.

  45. swirlaround says:

    This is almost like believing in magic sky gods. with more of a cover-up

  46. Alex says:


    Great spot! It definitely does look like a rectangle on the image, but it’s at a tilted angle. This image seems very suspect.

  47. Robert says:

    Forget satellite photos — POINT THE DAMN HUBBLE AT IT! WHy Wait!?

  48. wisdom says:

    If you look at the objects on the photographs carefully, you will notice that the shadows of the other smaller rocks fall on the opposite direction of the monolith’s shadow. This photo is definitely a FAKE

  49. khonsa says:

    thanks for the opportunity given to comment, I visited another opportunity again

  50. Alom! says:

    What kind of people do you think are reliable in this world? Police, a governor, an astronaut?
    Do you know who Buzz Aldrin is?

  51. shrapnel says:

    Since phobos is hollow, this structure represents the “breathing tube” or “exhaust tube” for its “indoor civilization”.

  52. swamper says:

    Wow thats really cool, I never saw this one before..thank you for posting.

  53. Nathan M. says:

    An interesting image popped into my head as soon as i saw this ‘monolith’. A year back i suppose, i stumbled upon news of a new structure in the vicinity of the Area 51 complex, While curiously exploring Area 51 with a handy dandy program, i found said structure; a large metal three sided tower jutting up out of the ground perhaps 100 or more feet high. It bares striking resemblance to this alleged monolith, now i have the tendency of over imagination but, perhaps its is some kind of communication device, or transport device. Odd that is resembles it so profoundly, very odd.

  54. Placido says:

    I found another monolith on the following coords

    X: 4841
    Y: 41543

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  57. […] etc. It also has plenty of YouTube clips, including one from 2009 in which Buzz talks about the monolith on Mars' moon and others in which he talks about his time on Dancing with the […]

  58. […] etc. It also has plenty of YouTube clips, including one from 2009 in which Buzz talks about the monolith on Mars’ moon and others in which he talks about his time on dancing with the stars. One of […]

  59. other life out there says:

    i have found a strange looking track. have a look at it also there are many others if you look closely. co-ordinates are
    x 15990
    y 24843

    question: what made these tracks? could it be the rover? i don’t think so

    some people here will think its natural too lol

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