Monolith on Mars » Monolith on Mars Zoom

28 Responses to Monolith on Mars Zoom

  1. Matt says:

    This is amazing, are we sure it isn’t just a rock tho!?

  2. GaryB says:

    You can see the back side of this wholly natural triangular shaped rock. Ho hum.

  3. soulbrotha says:

    That ain’t no monolith, it’s a tooth!

  4. If this is true, then this is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.

  5. Jason says:

    I believe it’s just a rock getting hit by sunlight at an angle that stretches it’s shadow to create this dramatic picture.

  6. Jason says:

    and by it’s I mean its. Where did all my SAT grammar go? I thought it would equip me for life.

  7. Leoned says:

    It’s Gumby & Pokey!! No wonder I have not seen them since I was a kid!

  8. Obi Wan says:

    That’s no moon.

  9. Keith says:

    I suppose that other thing to the southeast of it is a house?

  10. jscolley says:


  11. mymind1086 says:

    That’s really cool! I mean, I think it’s a rock. But it’s still pretty cool

  12. supergites says:

    Wow … ‘they’ are revealing the truth about UFO’s 🙂

  13. Miguel Lacruz says:

    It looks like a pack of Marlboro to me.

  14. Jim says:

    It’s an old McDonalds sign !!

  15. Louis says:

    Square monoliths for Mars are the equivalent of the triangular monoliths on earth (Pyramids). In universal language, triangles means 3: third planet from the sun, square means 4 : 4th planet from the sun…

    We may possibliy find a flat (rectangular) monolith on Jupiter. Flat rectangular monolith will represent 2 for second planet from the sun. On mercury, there may be some domes or spheres if the same civilisation spread that close to the sun. This civilisation is probably our ancestor… then, for an unknown reason followed a declined and we lost most memories.

  16. Louis says:

    Meant Venus not Jupiter on previous post…

  17. ReformedCynic says:

    Interesting how it has two parallel striations/grooves on the top face and symmetrical ‘designs’ running down both the left and right edges ,as well as an inward curving ‘bay’ feature at the top of the rear face.

    If it’s natural why hasn’t a similar feature come to light anywhere else on the Martain surface,thus far?

    And look where its situated,in the midst of barren plain/desert;for that to have just popped out of the ground would have required a seismic event similar to the ones on earth that create mountain ranges…and the possibility of it having weathered away into that shape naturally is a non-starter as well:Mars doesn’t have rain!

  18. G mcbride says:

    if it is a monolith, how amazing would that be, then again if u believe in life on other planet,s it should,nt b a surprise

  19. bonanzaman says:

    There are no right angles in nature.

  20. On the Money says:

    Looks like something poked through a buscuit

  21. Michael says:

    Of course there are right angles in nature. Crystals contain right angles. I’ve found noncrystalline rocks that were almost perfect rectangles that occured under extreme pressures within the earth. I wonder what the odds are that somewhere in the universe is a crystal perfectly formed into the shape of a monolith. How was this photo taken?

  22. johnny j says:

    could both objects be part of meteor that hit phobos and broke apart? (just a theory).there is nothing else on that side of the moon that even resembles the objects in question.” wouldnt it be awesome to see some kind of alien life though”?

    • David Tyler says:

      The pictured object is actually on the surface of Mars, not Phobos. But a very good theory non the less.

      I would tend to think that anything coming from the height of a meteor would be destroyed on impact, and leave a huge crater. That said you may be on to something, could it have been a piece of something already on the surface, that was somehow thrown from it’s original place. Could there have been somekind of explosion?

      • Jas McParland says:

        I believe that you’re thinking about the “face” that appears on mars…the monolith IS on Phobos, the weird, little satellite moon of mars.

  23. nobbydamus says:

    the whole thing is made of rock, what s more amazing is our own planet, and we’re wrecking it, while looking over the fence at other planets,we’re so fascinated with whats over there that we tend to forget whats right in front of our noses.

  24. Andyj says:

    There IS a monolith on Phobos as well as Mars.

    Its not my blog but this is a good account of the Mars monolith.

    I’ve always said the best sci-fi writers are the ones that predict the future. Arthur C Clarke is scary!

  25. Rob says:

    Well maybe we will get a chance to get a closer look someday. This thing, being located on a fairly clear and level plane as it is, makes the area around it an ideal landing spot for a future rover mission. So long as the guys at NASA have had their curiosity peaked like ours has been.

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