2012: The Reality


This morning I received an email from a friend asking if I had seen the scene from the upcoming movie 2012 last night, it was on every TV channel so it was hard to miss. Here’s what I wrote to her:

Yeah, I did see it. Stayed up later than I should have just so that I COULD see it.

I’m impressed with the special effects etc., but that scene was so over the top that credibility may be (thankfully) lost. Their interpretation of what will happen in 2012, if anything happens at all, could be damaging.

As you know I’ve been going further and further down the rabbit hole in my self studies of consciousness and I’ve come to a few conclusions, one of which is that we can control things in our environment more than I originally believed.

The Secret talks about manifesting things into your life and I believe that works on a personal level. You’ve heard of prayer circles and the like where a small group of people meditate/pray for something, ie. someone’s health and they are able to effectuate change? Now, imagine just 1/10th of the planet, nearly 700-million people meditating/praying on the same thing…voluntarily or involuntarily…what are we with our collective conscious going to be able to accomplish? We could move mountains….or worse.

If enough people on the planet begin to fear the worst for 2012…they may accidentally manifest those things.

I continue to tell people that 2012 will be a time of peace, a time of realizing our connectedness to nature, of our one-ness with the living planet and to the living Universe. A Revelation! NOTE: The Greek word for Apocalypse is defined as “the act of revealing or unveiling”.

Noetic science is making huge strides in proving what I’m talking about in terms of our collective consciousness. Their investigations into things like clairvoyance, astral projection, telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, etc….is pointing to one undeniable fact…we are all connected to one another on the spiritual plane.

We are all one. A part of a collective whole…and as such we wield great power. But that power could be compared to a child playing with a loaded gun, we just don’t realize that we’re loaded. (so to speak)

If we’re not careful we may get what we wish for. Or (if you think like me) if we’re lucky we’ll get what we wish for… :0)



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12 Responses to 2012: The Reality

  1. Michael Dean says:

    Are you suggesting that it’s possible the Myans were suggesting, with their famous clock that stops in 2012, that their former gods (aliens from outerspace) will reveal themselves to us? Thus resulting in a coming together of mankind on earth – through the realization that we are no longer alone and that we can now direct our petty agressivity towards other targets. LoL

    • David Tyler says:

      Interesting question. The short answer is ‘no’.

      The long answer is based on literally thousands of pages of reading I’ve done of both spiritual and scientific books particularly from John Major Jenkins and specifically from José Argüelles who reveals that the Mayan astronomers were not simply mapping movements of celestial objects, but determining our position in space relative to ‘energy streams’ being emitted from the centre of the Milky Way.

      As the Earth (and our solar system) rotates along the edge of the Milky Way, we are approaching a ‘stream’ of energy emanating from the center of our galaxy, which they believe will transform our perception of ourselves. Going through this galactic intersection will have many implications and we have already started crossing through it, the center of the intersection will be on December 21, 2012.

      One of the quantifiable effects of this is ‘global warming’. Yes, we are polluting the heck out of our planet but it’s being shown that our species isn’t the only contributor. The other planets in our solar system are also warming!

      As we go through this energy stream we may also discover changes within our bodies. What changes remain to be seen. For the time being we can only speculate.

      • Michael Dean says:

        Transform our perceptions of ourselves……Hmmm what does that mean? Will it result in a realization that our manifest reality is no differant than a living dream of some sort? That we are essentially beings comprised of energy – thus re-enforcing the notion of an afterlife – that the vehicle dies and the energy lives on? Whatever will happen it will certainly be interesting to witness – to take part in. My only hope is that it results in possitive things for mankind – because as it stands now I hold out little hope for humanity.

      • David Tyler says:

        That’s what I’d like to think. :0)

        Reality is an elusion (that’s not a typo) and yes, you can quote me on that. I just made it up…

        “Reality is an Elusion!” Think about that for a while…

        Bill Hicks put it best when he said: “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream”, and “We are the imagination of ourselves.”

  2. Carl J Dufresne says:

    Maybe reality is more of a perception that is limited by our abilities to comprehend, and by our senses (we cant see what bees see, for example.. the world was flat until we defined reality about it through our ability to see it as being “round”, etc.)
    “Our reality” is like an agreement between all of us..
    And we are products of our environment..

    Our biggest problem here is that the main form of media in the past 40 years or so has been tv, and with it, people have become increasingly desensitized to reality and more familiar with fiction or concepts or stories.. even the news is no longer always reality based!

    That said, as a good friend of mine once put it, “we can’t think the end of time/the world is coming in 2012 just because a few “mexicans” decided to take a break from creating this calender”… of course they couldnt make the calender last forever, it would have to end eventually right?.. 2012 seems like a pretty random number to me however David T, does raise some interesting facts about physical events happening cosmically .. However, are we really affected by the stars? i mean.. take astrology for example; sure scorpios looks like a scorpion in the sky (my favorite constellation) and so on but if we took a space ride way “over there” and looked up, the sky would depict something different right? So, again, it all depends on where you are standing, our perception.

    As for thoughts being things, (“the secret”), of course they are and of course one or many can manifest, we are creative beings as humans… But again, this is a human ideology..

    Does a cat manifest living in your home or a can of tuna/cat food? I am not completely convinced..

    One thing for sure is YES, we all must come together and start working together, for the right reasons. We must delete the creations of systems and beliefs that have only contributed to separating us and dividing us.
    Otherwise, we are all doomed to destruction..

    And as we go on with being absorbed with media and now with the new generation of entertainers that we are generating, it looks like media is the way of the future and we are heading directly in this distraction from reality full force..
    how can we be so blind not to see this and not to reverse this process?

    I could ramble on and on about this and I dont want to seem like a dim whit …

    You can be sure that I will be front row and center though out the year 2012..

    interesting though that Obamas’ term ends 2012 if i am not mistaken, and thats when Palin will then become the first female president of USA, which most sane people would agree will be the end of us!

    I would normally put a “lol” at the end of that statement but it simply is not funny!

    I left out the swear words!

    God bless us all!

    I am ready for whatever change will come, hopefully it will be a positive one!

  3. Melanie says:

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  4. Armando Gomez says:

    A Beginning, Not an End

    I know it’s late in the day, but I’ll do it. Here’s my counter point to all of the 2012 critical film reviewers: First rule in watching a science fiction/fantasy movie is “It’s only a movie.” Stating that, you can dump all negative criticism of 2012 and move on to some serious critique. The previews of 2012 did not lie. The film is more than a special effect’s roller coaster ride—it’s all CGI hell breaking loose! Despite that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, you get your money’s worth, hands down. The viewers are not as stupid as the critics would have you believe. They get it. They know it’s an action movie, a fantasy, pure entertainment, even goofy. These are the same critics who hold such films as Star Wars and Indiana Jones high above all others and then come down heavily on films such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and 2012. It’s all about ENTERTAINMENT. We’re talking 2012 here, more absurd than Y2K—and you have critics trying to make sense out of this nonsense? In short, can they spell E-S-C-A-P-I-S-M?–or an afternoon-at-the-movies??? Those critics like to runs down the movie director’s list of past achievements, bunched them up with other B movies. The fact is that all of Roland Emmerich’s films are above “B” rating. They may stretch the reality and audaciousness of our patience and intelligence (like Star Wars), but Emmerich does not do it for pennies per movie. His themes are brought up with the same courtesy and value for what we pay to see in a film. But his take on 2012, director Emmerich adds more than the high quality special effects: morality. Unlike most science-fiction/disaster movies, this one clearly defines the meaning of “heroism.” In relation with “The Core” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” these movies received poor or lousy reviews. These films weren’t carried out by he-men with their guns/ray guns or swords, with torn t-shirts and chests blistering with sweat and tan muscles. The “heroes” in these movies were far from “professional” ass-kickers. They were ordinary guys and gals, family types and nerds who were forced to step up to the plate and take their medicine, which they didn’t ask for nor deserved. True heroism begins and ends at the heart, not at the end of fist or a barrel of a gun. But the film does offers one inescapable message: in the final hour of our existence on earth, human beings will overcome their sense of egocentrism and cynicism and learn, or rediscover, what it is to be human, or more directly, why should we as a specie continue. Perhaps it’s this why the critics are so uncomfortable about.

    • David Tyler says:

      Hi Armando, thanks for your excellent contribution to the conversation.

      Keep in the mind that the original post was not a review of the movie, in fact the ‘review’ (which was of the 2 minute trailer that ran on TV) was a way to open the conversation about the 2012 prophecy and what it could mean to us on a metaphysical level.

      I believe that the changes are already happening and have been slowly building for about 20 years. The December 21, 2012 date is simply the crest of the wave of whatever it is that is going to happen.

      Since seeing the film I was extremely happy to see the positive and uplifting nature of the ending. I hope that by the winter solstice of 2012 “human beings will overcome their sense of egocentrism and cynicism and learn, or rediscover, what it is to be human”, to use your words….that we’ll see nature reflecting art.

  5. Armando Gomez says:

    Mr. Tyler

    Thank you for your kind and immediate response; I hadn’t expected it. I understand that I added a movie review instead of further metaphysical analysis of 2012. My slant on this is that I don’t believe there’s any metaphysical discussion on this issue. I’m over 60 years old and in my life time, I have heard many predictions, pertaining to the “End Times.” As I am writing this, it’s oblivious those predictions all came to nothing. This 2012 will be no difference. This is just another variation of Y2K; it was suppose to be the end of the world or the world as we been experiencing. You know, The Age of Aquarius and such. Instead, it’s the continuing degradation of our civilization. But the end is in sight alright, and Global Warming will finish us all. Most of the end times are either muddled with New Age opportunists, corporate cynicism or ultra-conservative Christianity. This will surely shovel us all into an early end. But I so appreciate your conclusion, pertaining to my closure: “human beings will overcome their sense of egocentrism and cynicism and learn, or rediscover, what it is to be human.” I would really hate to be proven right at the expense of the entire race of man. So, my final position in 2012, or any other metaphysical prediction of man’s demise on earth is this: There is no such thing as an “End Time.”


  6. My friend told me there is a new version out now – any chance you could do an updated review? I’m not sure how different it is, but might be good to compare it with the original..Thanks

    • David Tyler says:

      Hi Cathy, thanks for you comment. However, as I mentioned before, this post was not a review of the movie but a way to open the discussion on the metaphysical implications of the various 2012 prophecies.

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