How to do Christmas on a Budget


Christmas on a Budget

That’s My house on the right…
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5 Responses to How to do Christmas on a Budget

  1. stephanie says:

    hey David, heard you this morning… when I got to work, went straight to see your page: very funny indeed!

    How did your neighboor like your humor?

    Hope we get to see each other soon, with the kids!

  2. linda says:

    hey david, i don’t know if thats really your house, in any case, its wow! beautiful. i am glad 2 hear u on the q. i love the q, but i don’t agree with all the changes they made, wish u were still there. REALLY NICE 2 HEAR U AGAIN, HOPE 2 HEAR U MORE OFTEN. SINCERLY, LINDA

    • David Tyler says:

      Hey Linda,

      No, not really my house. I’m thrilled to be guest hosting. I’ll be in for Donna next week even…you may actually get tired of hearing me over the next couple of months… :0/

  3. Rhonda says:

    Dear David,

    I couldnt wait to get to work to check out your `budget` light show. Very very very funny. xoxo

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