Really Horrific Names

October 17, 2010

A blog for women asked its readers to share the worst names they’ve ever heard. These are all real…

• “There was a person in the San Antonio phone book in the early ‘80s named Weldon Rumproast.”

• “There was a man named Lord where I worked. It was really hard to send him emails.”

• “I used to work with twins called Girleen and Pearleen. GIRLEEN. AND PEARLEEN.”

• “I had a student named Nimrod.”

• “I work with two sisters whose names are Ivory and Sno. Their last name is White. Because of course it is.”

• “At the hospital birthing my son, a girl had just named her daughter Felony. Seriously.”

• “I know a mother who named her daughter Meconium … a baby’s first poo.”

• “I knew a guy named ‘Hi.’ Seriously, that was his given name. I never knew whether to say hi, hey, or hello when I saw him.”

• “I ran across a gentleman whose first name was ‘General.'”

• “I knew someone named Merry Christmas Smith.”

• “My roommate was in kindergarten with ‘Pajamas.'”

• “There’s a girl in my office named Sharmonica.”

• “Latrina. It’s Italian for ‘bathroom.'”

• “Most horrific: Awesome. They named their baby girl ‘Awesome.'”

• “I went to school with a Justice, Precious, Success, Fanny & a Cinderella. They’re all boys.”

• “My old janitor was named Richard Boob.”

• “I knew a Freakus Pelekus (it rhymes) when I was growing up. No joke.”

• “I taught swimming to a kid named ‘Carstairs.'”

• “My friend met a woman at the bus stop whose daughter’s name was Atrocity.”

• “My little brother went to school with a girl named Cholera.”

• “We have a family friend named Cash Register.”

Heard a good one? Share it below…

Do You Have Pet Insurance?

August 25, 2010

Here’s a story about a  Chocolate Labrador in L.A. who ate a beehive and won an award as “the most unusual pet health insurance claim in the United States” by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company.

Ellie, who fully recovered from her encounter with the beehive in southern California, beat a border collie that ran through a window to get at a mailman, and a terrier that bit a chainsaw. Read more

I guess being from Canada and all, and considering how the U.S. doesn’t seem to like the idea of health insurance (for humans), discovering that you can get health insurance for you pet in the states is to me a bid…weird, no?

Fall of the Republic: The Movie

October 31, 2009

Time to get dark and scary (it is Halloween after all) for 2 hours and 24 minutes. This is a long documentary but a MUST see: (Watch it in wide screen here)

Summer’s Over

September 14, 2009

I was just taking a coffee break from a recording session sitting in my backyard and look what fell on the table in front of me… I guess this means summer’s over…

I Guess Summer's Over

I Guess Summer's Over

Meet the Black Eyed Peas

June 20, 2009


Black Eyed Peas - Virgin Fest

Black Eyed Peas - Virgin Fest

The Black Eyed Peas kicked off their ‘The E.N.D.’ tour here in Montréal at ‘Virgin Fest‘. My wife and I were invited backstage to meet the group before the show. ( was outside shaking hands).

Apparently, a couple of minutes after this picture was taken Zac Efron arrived. His girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens is in town shooting the movie ‘Beastly‘. They enjoyed the show from atop the Virgin double decker bus.

Zac and Vanessa - Virgin Fest Montreal

Zac and Vanessa - Virgin Fest Montreal

Zac Efron: 17 Again

April 21, 2009

Well, after becoming totally indoctrinated into the High School Musical thing thanks to my kids we headed to the theatre for opening night of 17 Again with Zac Efron and from the looks of the box office receipts we weren’t the only ones. It brought in $24-million by Sunday night. At the end of the film I felt sorry for Matthew Perry as all of the girls in the audience realizing Zac was gone (and that the old guy was back ie. Matthew Perry), let out a sad sigh… It truly was sad.

Now, if you’re thinking “so what another teen heartthrob. We saw David and Shaun Cassidy do it, we even saw Leif Garret and where are they now?” Good point. But Zac can act!

Look at this appearance on ER when he was just 14 years old! He plays a walk-in patient named Bobby…

And on CSI: Miami:

As good as he can sing, did you know Zac turned down a recording contract offered to him by American Idol’s Simon Cowell?? Saying he preferred to concentrate on acting. I said it before and I’ll say it again…Zac can act! He’s not a learn your lines, hit your mark kind of an actor, he brings that something more to the set that only stars can bring.

Next, I want to see Zac in a movie that has nothing to do with a High School and doesn’t involve basketball. Jonny Quest might be a step in that direction.

Super Obama World

November 21, 2008


Now that he’s won the White House it’s time for a different kind of a game! Check out this online game designed to play like Super Mario World…it’s Suer Obama World!

Click here to play

Hallowe’en Cake Anyone?

October 29, 2008

See more here:

Picture of the Week: Pie Chart

October 2, 2008

Hello world!

May 31, 2007

Hello World

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