The True Canadians Fan

May 12, 2010

The True Canadians Fan

I was double parked in Laval, waiting for my wife to get back with our takeout sushi when I spotted this true hockey fan.

If you look closely (click the picture for a larger view), right behind the front tire there’s a Washington Capitals logo with a red ‘X’ over it…next to it is the Pittsburgh Penguins logo hoping for it’s own red ‘X’. After a quick walk-around  of the car I realized it wasn’t a publicity car for a restaurant that you sometimes see, but was actually somebody’s car, somebody who had gone through the process and expense of having his car wrapped…a true Habs fan!

Game 7 is tonight. Go Habs Go!

Picture of the Week

November 17, 2008


No! allowed!

No! allowed!

That sign should be read…. “No! …fishing allowed!” It’s all in the interpretation I guess…

No Glove, No Love

September 25, 2008

So you think just because you can type 100 words a minute you’re all that!? Well, you’re nothing until you play…Ninja Glove!

Super Bowl Ads

February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Ads

Another year, another Super Bowl…another series of commercials we didn’t get to see (with a couple of exceptions).

Luckily we have the internet and all of those commercials in one place. Click here to watch!

Which one was our favourite?

Super Bowl: Whack A Patriot

January 31, 2008

Super XLII 

Well, the big game is on Sunday…not a fan of the Patriots? Not willing to accept the inevitable Patriot win??

Get some of your frustrations out here

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