David Tyler Leaves Q92

September 7, 2008

I have always been a performer.

As a teenager I loved setting up my drums and performing with my band at local parks around Nuns’ Island (where I spent my first few years in Montréal), before that I would get a kick out of performing magic shows for my family Sunday after church and even as a baby I would sit in my stroller energized by the attention I was getting for making funny faces and sounds.

The History
So when I discovered radio in the late 70’s, CKGM with Marc “Mais Oui” Denis (whom I’m proud to call my friend today) I thought “hey this is for me”! A way for me to perform for an even bigger audience involving all the things I love, writing, reading and music! By 1984 I was cutting my teeth at John Abbott College radio (QSKY) then at Concordia (CIRL)…then keeping you up all night where we “threw the rule-book out the window” (FM96-CJFM), through the 90’s I was working along side you at the office, helping to launch MIX 96 and finally the new millennium brought me to Q92.

It’s hard to believe but I’ve been on the air continuously in Montréal for over 21 years, making me almost as much a part of the Montréal soundscape as that 3 note thing when the Metro heads out of the station down the track…well, ok, a-l-m-o-s-t, but at least I don’t leave a trail of rotten eggs smell as I move along…most days. I’m having a hard time grasping the idea that tomorrow I won’t be pushing open the studio door, sitting down and doing a show anymore and I’m going to miss our time together dearly. I feel our relationship was ended before it’s time.

The Future
That being said however, during my 3 month contractual quarantine from radio I will be working on building up my voice and production company, expanding my radio consulting business and finally launching my small business marketing company called B!G Shots: Big Ideas for Small Businesses (come read the blog here). *BLATANT PLUG*: If you own or know somebody who owns a small business have them contact me for marketing help (http://bigshots.wordpress.com/contact/) *END BLATANT PLUG*

Indeed, I am excited at the prospect of finally getting to stretch my legs and start using the university degree that I worked so hard for…however, to simply say that I will miss our relationship through the “magic of radio” would be an absolute understatement.

I will continue to blog here and I will stay up to date with all of my Facebook friends (click the link to the right to join my list) so I won’t be far.

Montréal is My Town
I love this city and I have no plans of ever leaving so you may still bump into me at a concert, browsing for books at Chapters or in line at the movies. Also, don’t be surprised if one day you hear my voice pop up again on the radio…when you do hear me be sure to call and say ‘hi’.

By the way if you liked my Behind the Scenes of Radio video get ready for The Anatomy of a TV Commercial, coming soon!

If you have any comments to make about the changes at Q92 send a note to Chris Kennedy and Mark Dickie through the Q92 website and/or add your comment below.

The Goodbye…for Now
I may have left Q92…but I will never leave YOU …and you know I know, that you know, I wouldn’t have nothin’ if I didn’t have you. (cue Randy Newman)

David Tyler

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